Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Product/ServiceFAST FOOD
Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production CAVIAR Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Post Production FIRM STUDIO Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed-Chérif Buzzman President & Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger Buzzman Vice-President
Julien Levilain Buzzman Managing Director
Lilian Moine Buzzman Creative Director
Julien Doucet Buzzman Creative Director
Nicolas Boudeau Buzzman Art Director
Caroline Ribemont Buzzman Copywriter
Loïc Coelho Buzzman Head of Account
Fany Maupou Buzzman Account Executive
Julien Scaglione Buzzman Head of Social Media
Félix Brunot Buzzman Social Media Consultant
Amélie Juillet Buzzman Head of PR & Communication
Paul Renaudineau Buzzman PR & Communication Manager
Dee Perryman Buzzman Rights Management
Vanessa Barbel Buzzman Head of TV Production
Katya Violi Buzzman TV Production
Cloé Bailly Caviar Director
Florence Jacob Caviar Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film takes place in a Burger King restaurant. Different clients are seated at their table. They are about to eat their WHOPPER. Once they start biting into their burger, a timer starts above their head. We then see these people eating their WHOPPER with the timers rolling on top of them and indicating different timings. A client is about to finish his WHOPPER. When he takes the last bite, the timer freezes to indicate 8min42sec. Then a question appears on top of the image saying: "Why would we put preservatives in something you eat on average in 8min42sec?" The question stays on top as we see the other clients having their last bites. Cut to a WHOPPER packshot, laid on a table with the WHOPPER logo and a super saying "No artificial preservatives, flavors and colors". The super change for another one saying "Real food always taste better".

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In 2020, Burger King took an important shift in his fast food chain restaurant history: they decided to remove all artificial preservatives, colouring and flavors from its most iconic burger, the WHOPPER. An important step to change people's perception about their food quality and a real strengh in comparison to the competition that is far away from this move. To make everyone realize that we then decided to make this simple and absurd demonstration proving consisting of timing customers while they eat their WHOPPER®. The results was obvious, they do it quiclky (8min42 in average). So there is absolutely no reason to put any preservative in the good food we serve them.