Category B01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Entrant TURRONES PICó Alicante, SPAIN
Idea Creation SIBERIA Paterna, SPAIN
Production HAMPA STUDIO València, SPAIN
Post Production HAMPA STUDIO València, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Rafa Pomares SIBERIA Creative Director
Jorge Cervera SIBERIA Art Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

During Christmas in a not too distant future, grandfather meets his grandchildren around the chimney, who listen attentively to the stories he tells. After the question of one of his grandchildren (What was Christmas like before?), They will discover that there was a delicious sweet called nougat, which was possible thanks to the work of a living being that one day became extinct. A nostalgic story that will make Lucía come up with a beautiful idea.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In a sector that has traditionally opted for television and very conventional formats, ‘Turrones Picó’ wanted to do something that, in addition to notoriety, would allow them to do something for people. Taking advantage of the climate summit event in Madrid, we created content for networks, which put a fact in relevance: the Eartwatch Institute in London had just declared the bee as the most important living being on Earth. And he did so by announcing the disappearance of the 90% of an insect which 7 out of every 10 food we consume depend on. Starting from it, we built a story in which a little girl would come up with a brilliant idea: to turn Picó’s mythical deck (which had always starred in his TV spots) into a little house for bees that, who knows, maybe she could make them back.