Category A04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Entrant MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Post Production FACTORY Paris, FRANCE
Post Production 2 PURESOUND Paris, FRANCE
Post Production 3 PRODIGIOUS Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company MANOMANO Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Béatrice PICARD ManoMano VP Brand & Communication
Nicolas DAVID ManoMano Head of Brand
Anaïs HARMANT ManoMano Head of Communication
Pascal Nessim Marcel CEO
Charles Georges-Picot Marcel CEO
Anne de Maupeou Marcel Chief Creative Officer Publicis France
Gaëtan du Peloux Marcel Executive Creative Director
Youri Guerassimov Marcel Executive Creative Director
Nicolas Levy Marcel CSO & Managing Partner
Blandine Mercier Marcel Partner
Vincent BOURSAUD Marcel Art director
Virgile LASSALLE Marcel Copywriter
François-Xavier PARISON Marcel Account Director
Claire SIOUFI Marcel Account Executive
Romain BRIGNIER Marcel Strategic Planner
Marine BORREIL Marcel Project Manager
Emma DURAND Marcel Project Manager
Corentin HARRAN Prodigious TV Producer
Flore BERNOT Prodigious Business Affairs
John GRAMMATICO Prodigious Director
Martial SCHMELTZ Prodigious Chief operator
Romain GUILBERT Prodigious General Production Manager
Marc-Antoine RIOU Prodigious Producer
David CHOUCHANA Prodigious Production Director
Thibaud GARRON Prodigious Production Director
Alicia OLIVEIRA Prodigious Production coordinator
Mass . Factory Post Producer
Théophile GUIBOUT Factory Editor
Thibaut PETILLON Factory Grading
Boris NICOU Prodigious Son VO Recording & Mix
Carsten KRUEGER Prodigious Son VO Recording & Mix

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Manomano.fr is digital marketplace for home improvement goods. We made hilarious presentations of the products you can find on Manomano in a language even the diy rookies can understand. In these films, a drill becomes a “hole-making-machine” and a mower becomes a “machine for cutting every blade of grass to exactly the same height”. Because everything is easier with ManoMano. And now you’ve got this!