Category A07. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Entrant THE UNICORN Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation THE UNICORN Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production THIRSTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Peter Metcalfe The Unicorn Creative Director
Thomas Pries The Unicorn Creative Director
Rune Milton Thirsty Director
Niels Kau Thirsty Executive Producer
Thomas Gram Thirsty Executive Producer
Marius Dahl The Unicorn Art Director
Mette Hørdum The Unicorn Account Director
Kristina Bold Doctors Without Borders Client
Anni Kammer Doctors Without Borders Client
Rasmus Baastrup Doctors Without Borders Client
Mette Paludan Truelsen Doctors Without Borders Client
Michael Haller Nielsen Doctors Without Borders Client
Michael Balle Michael Balle VFX VFX Supervisor & Colour Grading
Alexander Schepelern Copenhagen VFX VFX Artist
Jacob Carlsson Copenhagen VFX VFX Artist
Christian Sjöstedt Copenhagen VFX VFX Artist
Alex Oddbrandt Copenhagen VFX VFX Artist
Simon Bergstrand Copenhagen VFX VFX Artist
Peter Brandt Little Machine Editor
Kevin Koch KOCH//MIDDELHART Sound Designer
Rita El Hachem Stoked Film Executive Producer
Charbal Aouad Stoked Film Executive Producer
Rob Carlisle CFX Prosthetic Supervisor, Animatronic Baby, Birth Elements and Puppeteering
Elsa Carlisle CFX Assistant Fabricator and Puppeteer
Cosmesis Studio Cosmesis Studio Cosmesis Studio Sculptor
Zania Gerber Zania Gerber Additional Prosthetic Fabricator
Paul Meyers United Talents Agency Cinematographer
Fay Katsari Dare Film Executive Producer
Sakis Kostis Studios Studio Owner
Haris Kontogiannis Dare Film Assistant Director
Dimitris Katsikis Dare Film Art Director
Panagiotis Panagopoulos Dare Film Sound Engineer
Lefteris Agapoulakis Dare Film Focus Puller
George Nikolakis Dare Film Loader
Xristos Gianatos Dare Film Video Assist
Spyros Apostolatos Dare Film Production Manager
Archilles Viliotis Dare Film Production Manager
Christos Nikitaidis Dare Film Production PA
Panos Iliakopoulos Dare Film Driver PA
Endri Fiqi Dare Filmm PA
Ioanna Mantzorou Dare Film Props Master
Mary Stavrakaki Dare Film Make-up/hair
Vangelis Roussis Dare Film Chief Electrician
Stelios Melis Dare Film Electrician
Vaggelis Kontodimas Dare Film Electrician
Giannis Xenides Dare Film Catering
Despoina Chimona Dare Film Wardrobe
Karamanos Studios Karamanos Studios Karamanos Studios Studios
Giannis Damigos Giannis Damigos Tent Construction
Props House Props House Props House Props
Vasiliadis Vasiliadis Vasiliadis Equipment
Smaragda Theodoridou Smaragda Theodoridou Customs Manager
Panos Xourman Xourman Taxi Taxi Driver
Tony Petersen Tony Petersen Film GmbH Production Company
Volker Steinmetz Tony Petersen Film GmbH Executive Producer
Michael Duttenhöfer Tony Petersen Film GmbH Executive Producer
Daniel Dexler Tony Petersen Film GmbH Production Coordinator
Caro-Laila Nissen Tony Petersen Film GmbH Production Assistant
Ha Pham Tony Petersen Film GmbH Production Assistant
Thomas Degner Effectiv-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Philipp „Fiete“ Girardet Effective-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Boris Frey Effective-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Greta Brix Effective-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Ingo Bauer Effective-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Niklas Girardet Effective-Team SFX GmbH SFX Artist
Matthias Metzger Metzger 1st AD
Christian Saure Christian Saure DIT
Julia Roszczyk DIT: Assistant DIT Assistant
Oliver Pahl Oliver Pahl Gaffer
Mark Warnecke Effective-Team SFX GmbH Spark 1
Olec Kramp Effective-Team SFX GmbH Spark
Muli Multhof Muli Multhof Special Thanks
Sami Kattan DragonFly Drone Operator
Tessa Harris Major Tom Music Supervisor
Riz & Katyna Ortolani & Ranieri Composer Composer
Maria Stefanidou Maria Stefanidou Actor
Amanda Godballe Doctors Without Borders Midwife
Grigoris Kiriakou Grigoris Kiriakou Actor
Kamma Skaarup Doctors Without Borders MSF Anesthetic Nurse
Lydia Liodaki Doctors Without Borders MSF
Denisa Keli Doctors Without Borders MSF Nurse
Eli Kriharaki Doctors Without Borders MSF Nurse
Michael Ekow Doctors Without Borders MSF Nurse
Mensah Darly-Wanga Doctors Without Borders MSF Nurse
Rea Kostandina Doctors Without Borders MSF Nurse
Gragiskos Xydianos Ready To Cast Casting Director
Eleni Antonopoulou Ready To Cast Extras Casting Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In this film we follow the dramatic birth of a baby and the strains that the mother goes through. We follow the baby's journey from when the labor starts, through the water breaking and the birth itself. For a few seconds the baby's life is hanging by a thread, and the mother thinks she will lose her baby. But thanks to the effort of Doctors Without Borders, the baby comes back to life, and the mother and her child is united.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

For many of us in the privileged world, a birth is rarely a matter of life and death. But in the places where Doctors Without Borders operate, death is high risk at any birth. Actually it is so common that every 30 seconds a mother loses her child during labour, because of bad access to the right care.