Short List
Category A07. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Entrant PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Production MADE IN HALMSTAD AB Johanneshov, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Aslak Aalberg Per Høj Creative
Axel Bjørne-Larsen Per Høj Creative
Sverre Midttun Per Høj Account Manager
Gro Larsson Per Høj Planner
Nanna Grønli Per Høj Project Manager
Eiliv Gunleiksrud Per Høj Graphic Designer
Almir Busevac Per Høj Frontend developer
Patrik Bergfjord Per Høj Planner
Joakim Thörn Made in Halmstad Director
Jimi Vall Peterson Made in Halmstad Assistant Director
Fiffi Kjell Made in Halmstad Producer
Hilding Bjersby Made in Halmstad Production Manager
Askild Vik Edvardsen Made in Halmstad Director Of Photography

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Two female colleagues are having lunch in the cafeteria. One of them is making small talk, while the other replies distantly. All of the sudden she interrupts, blurting out that she thinks she might be attracted to children. The other woman doesn't know how to react, and asks if it was meant merely as a joke. "Yes" the other woman replies, although this clearly isn't the case. While an awkward silence lingers, we are shown the payoff: "What you can't talk about (...) you can talk about with us". This is followed by the URL "", and the text "For people with sexual interest in children".

Cultural / Context information for the jury

International research shows that 3-5% of adult men have a sexual interest in children. That would imply that this applies to about 110 000 Norwegian men. We know very little about these people, because there hasn’t been a treatment available to them in Norway until now. Without anyone to talk to, they most often turn to anonymous online forums, where some members seek to legitimize child abuse. We wanted to tell this narrow audience that although this might seem like an impossible subject to talk to someone about, there is in fact a place where they can seek help. At the website (which literally means "There is help"), they can chat anonymously with psychologists and book clinical treatment with a specialist if needed. We must never normalize having sexual thoughts about children. But we must seek to normalize the fact that there is now help for those who do.