Category A01. OTC Medicines
Idea Creation WAVEMAKER Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement WAVEMAKER Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production WAVEMAKER Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production 2 MAMIHLAPINATANA Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Anna Aristova Wavemaker Content & Experience Manager
Herman Belkin Mamikhlapinatana Director
Anna Belkina Mamikhlapinatana Art Director
Anna Dakhina NEARMEDIC Product- manager
Arkady Ivanchenko NEARMEDIC Marketing Director
Anastasia Kuzmenkova NEARMEDIC Junior Product- manager
Ivan Shavrov Wavemaker Content Director
Maria Solovyova Mamikhlapinatana Second Director
Inna Velmozhina Wavemaker Senior Content & Experience Manager
Innokenty Zamedyansky Wavemaker Senior Creative Producer

Why is this work relevant for Branded Content & Entertainment?

Young Russians are indifferent about pharmacy products; they buy what they need without considering the brand. Our challenge to Kagocel was to break the pharma category conventions and connect through a topic they do care about – fashion. We created a capsule wardrobe in partnership with a Russian streetwear designer, in-keeping with Kagocel brand visuals, and made it the must-have collection for trendy young Russians. The clothes were snapped up and we reached over 8.8 million people throughout Russia.


The Russian market of antiviral drugs is oversaturated. Consumers are overwhelmed by messages and switch from brand to brand without thinking because they don't see any difference between them. In this tough commercial environment, Kagocel, a drug that boosts anti-viral resistance, was at risk of losing market share. Our challenge was to differentiate Kagocel in the minds of the most indifferent consumer group — trendy young people.

Describe the creative idea

Kagocel had not connected with this audience — they are blind to digital ads, don't watch TV, and are generally resistant to advertising. So we decided to reach them through a subject they do care about — fashion. Collaborating with local Moscow designer Turbo Yulia, we created a collection of fashionable clothes and accessories that incorporated the brand's visual identity. Not only did these clothes look fantastic, they protected the wearer from low temperatures and bad weather, showing young people they didn't have to compromise their look to stay healthy.

Describe the strategy

This particular audience is completely indifferent to brand and health issues in general. Urban fashionistas are ready to sacrifice their health for a trendy look, regardless of the weather. They'll brave the freezing Russian winters with bare ankles, thin fabrics and no coat, all for the sake of an insta-worthy outfit, putting them at risk of catching a nasty cold. In order to deliver brand's message about conscious attitude to health we focused on influencers' power: collaborating with a trendy designer and using popular fashionistas as models to present the collection online, amplifying reach and relevancy by turning the announcement into addressable content and making the audience become a channel for brand communication.

Describe the execution

To build excitement for the collection, we partnered with stylish influencers like rapper Tommy Cash and model Daria Malygina. We shot videos with them that mirrored edgy streetwear editorials and they shared with their networks. Assets from the photo and video shoots were used to create VOD and PPC ads, targeting precise audience segments using behavioural and interest signals, then driving them to the project hub. We delivered the brand message to multiple audiences including young people, music fans, fashion addicts, extreme sports enthusiasts and young parents. To make the clothes even more exclusive and appealing to this group, the collection was limited-edition. You could only win an item from the collection by sharing how you had sacrificed your health for looking good in the past, amplifying our stay-healthy message to young people.

Describe the outcome

The campaign was a huge success, reaching 8.8 million people across Russia. Our influencer partners ensured wide coverage and buzz, amplified by engaged audiences and media publications. The stories about health sacrifices were very familiar to young Russians and inspired them to share their own personal stories, strengthening Kagocel’s call for a conscious attitude to health. Precision targeting resulted in higher audience retention on the brand content: 92% vs 66% category norm. Campaign showed remarkable impact on brand awareness (+14%) and loyalty (+33%) among young fashionable audience ( M’Index data Q32019vsQ42019)