2021 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C05. Customer Retail / In-Store Experience
Name Company Position
Dániel Taraczky art1st design studio Lead Designer, Concept Developer
Katalin Városi art1st design studio Lead Project Manager
Judit Hauser art1st design studio creative producer
József Balics art1st design studio Lead IT designer
Aliz Krammer art1st design studio Architect Team Leader
Olivér Bartha art1st design studio Architect
Bertalan Balázs art1st design studio In-Store Digital Content, VFX, GFX
Balázs Banicz art1st design studio kft In-store Graphics Design
Márton Csizmadia art1st design studio Implementation Manager
Dávid Pap art1st design studio Architect
Edina Sulyok-Magosi art1st design studio Architect
Fanny Patrícia Vitális art1st design studio Architect
Tamás Fazekas art1st design studio In-Store Digital Content, VFX, AFX
Barbara Mits art1st design studio In-store Graphics and Digital Content
Erik Csorba art1st design studio Social and Feedback Wall Development
Péter Fazekas art1st design studio AR Ping Pong Game Developer
Peter Grósz art1st design studio CMS Player Development
Mihály Pápay art1st design studio Social and Feedback Wall Development
Miklós Papp art1st design studio Architect
Jenő Reich art1st design studio Social and Feedback Wall Development
Márton Szabadi art1st design studio IT network designer
Norbert Tóth art1st design studio Social and Feedback Wall Development
Bernát Koszta art1st design studio Lead of IT implementation
Fábián Koszta art1st design studio Lead IT Network Designer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The Magenta Experience Center is an innovative and unique concept not only in Czech Republic, but also in Europe. It is part of the retail landscape, yet we would not call it a store as it is putting experience first. Our concept gives a new perspective of how retail could be newly interpreted, being another milestone in the DT brand strategy to rejuvenate retail. We would like to reach customers across all generations and strengthen our brand position as an innovator, technology and service frontrunner on the Czech market, as a pilot.


When it comes to retail, the association that was common so far relates to numbers, prices, discounts, special sales! We may got used to it, but are certainly looking for real values. We are starving for a new personalised, honest, smart, joyful and meaningful experience. We seek for a brand that is not only offering products on price that money can buy, but more importantly solutions to reach our goals or just simply give us an inspiration. Our aim is to build an inspiring retail experience that fosters engagement with the brand and connects to all our physical and digital brand touch point. Staying connected with our customers, especially now in the pandemic times, our strength and solution is in combining virtual and physical events, workshops, sessions. We can only connect to brands that show a real value for us.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

In 2020, Deutsche Telekom with T-Mobile Czech Republic decided to create a space that is focusing on a new experience approach: a new contemporary communication to wider generations, a possibility for mental releasing and enable innovative solutions. Our cookbook included the following ingredients: warm invitation, personalised service, co-creation, co-working, co-play, events, education, arts. Our very aim: connect GenZ, mid agers and silver society, support diversity and inclusion, drive sustainability. We created a pioneer concept: the Magenta Experience Center! Magenta Experience Center is bringing customer experience to another level. Our purpose: We won’t stop until everyone is connected!

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

In 2019, market research studies among telco providers on the Czech market brought an eye-opening findings: 60% of the customers of all generations are disappointed and do not fully trust in their telco service provider. Our objective is to listen to our customers, understand their needs, and take immediate actions on those. We want to encourage our customers to participate and co-create with us by providing an immersive and playful experience that connects the analogue and digital worlds. The foundation for all of this is a best in class service to support our customers with all their needs. Beside rejuvenating our retail appearance, we want to bridge the digital divide and provide a space that invites all of our customers from GenZ to silver surfers. The goal was to re-establish the trust of the customers in the Czech Republic and show a completely new look,feel and content of the brand.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

The execution took place in Prague. Right from the beginning, it was very important for us to involve the young target group in the creation process. Therefore, Deutsche Telekom with T-Mobile Czech Republic announced a Hackathon for students, providing the opportunity to create a retail space that is truly inspiring to them. A place, they feel like home and that provides all the professional, high-tech and human support for all needs. We have been amazed by the students ideas, and managed to build the best of them in the final customer experience design! Due to the pandemic, the execution was very challenging, but nothing could stop us! With all the safety regulations kept, the Magenta Experience Center realisation was achieved within a couple of weeks and opened just before Christmas, 2020!

List the results (30% of vote)

We have created a place that is a living customer experience. Customers in Prague are super excited about the new space, so discovering is easy and joyful. Based on the first customers feedback people were surprised, impressed and truly appreciated the new approach. Even though the COVID regulations did not allow a big opening, 95 000+ visitors checked in. Since the opening, 1 000+ online events with 8000+ followers have been streamed to the Czech audience. Out of the 300 events planned, 250 were held successfully. 70% of the on-line customers are regular followers already! The goal is remaining the same: We won’t stop until everyone is connected!