Short List
Category A04. Digital Image Design
Media Placement BLUE 449 Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company FONDATION DE FRANCE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Marco Venturelli Publicis Conseil CEO & CCO
Lucie Puybonnieux Publicis Conseil Art Director, Copywriter, Photographe, Post Production, Illustration
Alexandre Perdereau Publicis Conseil Art Director, Copywriter, Photographe, Motion Designer, 3D Artist
Laura Aondio Marcel Art Director, Copywriter
Francesca Vitello Marcel Art Director, Copywriter
Caroline Darmon Publicis Conseil Account Director
Hortense Amis Publicis Conseil Account Manager
Matthieu Etienne Publicis Conseil Social Media Manager
Sarah Lemarié Marcel Strategic Planner
Bertille des Borderies Publicis Conseil Strategic Planner, Account manager
Flore Silberfeld Publicis Conseil Art Buyer, Photographer
Julien Elkaim Publicis Conseil Digital Creative
Lucas Baudry Publicis Consultants Social Media Manager
Juliette Prigent Publicis Consultants Account Director
Pascal Crifo Blue 449 President
Fouad Hachani Blue 449 Creative and Media Lead
Julie Emberger Blue 449 Digital Lead
Vincent Bousserez Independant Photographer
Olivia Da Costa Independant Photographer
Brigitte Perdereau Independant Photographer
Christophe Huet Asile President, Post Producer
Denis Seounes Asile 3D Artist
Waldo Lee Freelance 3D Artist
Lionel Juglair Mikros Images Head of Executive Producers
Fabrice Damolini Mikros Images Production Director
Pascal Batteux Kelipse Set Designer
Augustin Gregoire Prodigious TV Producer
Frederic Lubin Prodigious TV Producer, Post Producer
Martin Herail Prodigious Sound Designer
Sophie Lariviere Freelance Motion Designer

Describe the creative idea

With Fondation de France, we reinvented how to raise awareness and money for a cause, by creating the first bee influencer: @bee_nfluencer. An influencer who wants to become famous and raise money for her cause, by earning money in the same way regular influencers do, by creating and monetizing their audience through paid brand partnerships. On her Instagram B. is an ambassador for the bees 'cause. Sharing her daily life via posts and stories mixing educational content and anecdotes to recruit followers and educate them on what to do at their level. The public loves her. She uses her influence to mobilize her audience and raise money. Soon enough, brands contact her to do paid partnerships: the more followers, the more money. The money earned&raised goes to her BEEFUND, financing 3types of actions: 1Financing farmers' conversion to Bee-friendly agriculture. 2Restoring bee habitats. 3Funding independent pesticide control and promote research.

Describe the execution

#1 - We designed the cutest influencer ever, created her CGI look, her tone-of-voice, to appeal to all demographics around the world. We designed her personality at the crossroads of 3 archetypes: the bee, the influencer, and the activist. The bee: she is busy and hardworking like a bee. The influencer: she uses their codes and set-ups. The activist: she is committed and a fighter. #2 - Managing the account day-to-day: we developed real-time contextual content in line with the storytelling of her bee-influencer-activist character. All the posts and stories were inspired by the trends we saw emerging on social media. The content told the story of her life as an influencer with lifestyle content. She has a tiny modern apartment (a real apartment made by a specialist of miniature models), a boyfriend and she loves going out with her friends. But B. was also showing her fight through pedagogical posts and her life as a bee with several Q&A's receiving thousands of questions from the followers. In order to create a real and lasting relationship between B. and her followers, we answered the most relevant comments as well as the many private messages she received. Even though she is a CGI bee made specially to fit her character, the objective was to create real storytelling, to develop B.'s story, and to offer the most realistic experience possible, the one that followers have with influencers. We rolled out a PR & Digital influence campaign to make B a famous influencer. With a clear call-to-action: follow to support. Thanks to B., Instagram’s follow button becomes a new way to act.“The more you follow, the more brands will pay to save bees.”