Category B02. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Entrant ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Production ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Post Production ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Nina Bugge ANTI Art director/ director/ copy writer
Gerd Stangeland ANTI Art director/ set designer/ copy writer
Torstein Drogseth ANTI Account director
Nora Gauslaa ANTI Account Manager
Tom Andre Engli Storsveen ANTI Brand Strategist
Vivian Ramfjord ANTI Motion design
Linn Engen ANTI Producer
Kenneth Pedersen ANTI Photo
Benedicte Bølling ANTI Producer
Reiel Lien Bruland Motion air Drone footage
Ruben Anda Ruben Anda Edit

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Road safety is one of the top priorities for the Norwegian auto federation "NAF" and their members. But it doesn't seem to be for the people in power. Only 1 in 5 Norwegian kroners from the National transport budget goes to maintenance, NAF thought this problem was pushed away for far too long. We needed to give Norway's poorly maintained roads a voice that spoke directly to the Norwegian politicians. That's why we made a song composed by potholes from a road, and brought the message to the Norwegian government in the form of a music box.


There’s many poorly maintained roads in Norway. But only 1 in 5 Norwegian kroners from the National transport budget goes to maintenance. And NOK 100 billion is needed to make the roads a safe place for people to travel. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to bother people with power to make a change. No wonder when they live in big cities, cruising the well maintained big city roads, and mostly care about big city problems. With a tiny budget of 3000$ we gave ourselves a brief with a hug message: How do we make the poorly maintained roads heard?

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

We wanted to give a voice to our poorly maintained roads, so we thought about just letting them talk for themself. Or sing! But in contrast to the screams from activists outside the Norwegian parliament, we wanted to reach all the way inside with our message. That's why we composed a song based on the many potholes from a Norwegian road, turning them into notes on a note sheet. And sent the music box to the new Norwegian government directly. Asking the politicians to close the gap of 100 billion NOK needed.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Knowing that politicians often solve problems lying in front of their noses, we knew we had to bring the issue of poorly maintained roads physically to them, in some way. That's why we sent the music boxes with the bumpy road song, to the Norwegian government directly. NAF also released a film on Facebook the same day our new government was presented, knowing that millions of Norwegians would eagerly follow the news that day. The film was also perfectly timed, talking directly to our new politicians representatives, just in time before starting the government negotiations and choosing which issues to focus on in the coming years. With this, NAF proved to their members that the shortest way to the ones in power is through them.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

With a small budget of 3000$ the task of getting the attention of people in power, asking for 100 billion NOK to fill the gap, could seem impossible. We had to think up an idea that was both simple enough to execute inhouse, and big enough to make an impact. We timed the delivery of the music box and release of the film, with the presenting of the new government. Since the new politicians afterwards gathered to work out the government negotiations, we had to move fast. This timely relevance highlighted the problem for not only them, but also the audience and media following this important change in the news.

List the results (30% of vote)

People started reacting to the film just seconds after its release. Flooding the comments sections with engaging comments, and sharing the movie through out the country, asking the government to take action. BUT the biggest result remains to be revealed. The Norwegian state budget will be announced in November/December, so our goal is yet to be determined. Namely changing the amount of money spent on road maintenance. With the amount of engagement that came with the music box, this is starting to sound promising.