Category A02. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films: 5-30 minutes
Idea Creation THE STORY LAB Milano, ITALY
Media Placement VIZEUM Milan, ITALY
Production RTI Milan, ITALY
Production 2 ME PRODUCTION Milan, ITALY
Post Production RTI Milan, ITALY
Post Production 2 ME PRODUCTION Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Tommaso Fincati The Story Lab Entertainment Specialist
Giorgio Bologna The Story Lab Creative Director
Maurizio Tozzini The Story Lab Executive Creative Director

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The first ever Corona-Extra TV show, with 3 top talents as main protagonists to boost awareness both on TV and social channels.


The objective was to recover Corona-Extra's brand perception, damaged by the first pandemic year and by the virus name: Co-Vid19, a.k.a. Corona Virus. The name of the Brand was trending on the web and on social channels, but for the wrong reason.

Describe the creative idea

While no one could travel due to restrictions and since Corona-Extra is all about living outside, we took the journey of our influencers into every Italian home to make people discover that paradise could be just around the corner and to give them a glimpse of freedom to share with friends.

Describe the strategy

While all Italians were watching TV at home, lusting for outdoors, we created our very own piece of entertainment, launching it with the help of 3 talents that share the same desire to disconnect from the pandemic anxiety, discovering together hidden places across our beautiful Italy.

Describe the execution

According to the rules of TV entertainment, we produced 5 episodes (25 minutes each) aired on Italia 1 (one of the main broadcasters in Italy) during prime time. We chose 3 top talents with strong online audiences as main characters, in order to boost talkability. We aired the first episode on September 23, 2020 and the last one on October 24, 2020. After the on-air, the show remained on the Italia1's streaming platform (Mediaset Play) as an on-demand content.

Describe the outcome

414,636 AMR and 3.56% of share on fresh episodes 8.3mio. total reach for the TV show. (+39% VS goal) 9 mio. organic impressions on talents' social media amplification (+44% VS estimation) Recurring Trending Topic on Twitter for every fresh episode 59 mio. total impressions €1 mio. estimated earned media The campaign contributed to an outstanding +11% sell x volume in a particularly tough year