Category A06. Audio Content
Idea Creation THE GAME GROUP Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation 2 JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 2 CALIFORNIA MUSIC Venice, USA
Name Company Position
Robert Valentine None Writer and director
Max Lederer Jung von Matt Executive Creative Director
Thim Wagner Jung von Matt Executive Creative Director
David Leinweber Jung von Matt Executive Creative Director
Andreas Ernst Jung von Matt Managing Director
Jan Anderßen Jung von Matt Managing Director
Benjamin Bruno Jung von Matt Creative Director
Edwin Okyere Jung von Matt Client Service Director
Jan Felix Walther Jung von Matt Junior Copywriter
Celina Stammerjohann Jung von Matt Junior Project Manager
Felix Ziebell Jung von Matt Junior Project Manager
Paul Brenndörfer Jung von Matt Senior Strategist
Leroy Adams Jung von Matt Strategist
Matthias Grundl Jung von Matt Artwork
Julian Schau Jung von Matt Artwork
Julian Krohn White Horse Music Creative Director and Audio Channel Strategist
Nicholas Nowottny White Horse Music Executive Producer and Composer
Lisa Weller White Horse Music Senior Music Consultant
Maria Buschuew White Horse Music Creative Music Consultant
Kristian Nord California Music Sound Engineer
Malte Hagemeister California Music Sound Engineer
Dan Moore California Music Sound Engineer
Michael Ferdie California Music Sound design
Lucas Mireles California Music Assistant director
Jens Thiemer BMW AG Head of Brand Steering and Marketing
Susanne Giuliani BMW AG Head of Content, Digital and Editorial Marketing
Cora Ernst BMW AG Digital Audio and Voice Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The science fiction thriller HYPNOPOLIS is based on assumptions made by BMW future experts, but the brand plays no active role. From the script developed with star author Robert Valentine, to the high-end production and the soundtrack, it was all about the best possible entertainment.


We aimed to attract as many listeners as possible to reach our main goal of becoming a relevant player in the field of audio entertainment.

Describe the creative idea

The story of HYPNOPOLIS takes you on a thrilling adventure in the year 2063. In this brave new world, all court judgements are based on an artificial intelligence called “The System”. And instead of receiving a prison sentence, the convicts are put into a deep sleep. The crime rate has dropped to almost zero, injustice seems to be a thing of the past. But when journalist Hope Reiser is woken from a thirty-year sleep penalty she has served for the murder of her husband, she is convinced of her innocence and believes that the real murderer might still be out there and watching her. And as she tries to find her way in this alien future, she starts fighting to clear her past!

Describe the strategy

Instead of bringing “just the next corporate podcast”, we wanted to create a top notch entertainment series. While the story is clearly based on BMW’s vision of the future, the brand doesn’t play a major role. HYPNOPOLIS should establishe a vibrant futuristic world with its own premises, characters and places that fans are eager to see further explored and expanded.

Describe the execution

We auditioned about 200 voice actors, from the Los Angeles area and all around the US, and then chose and recorded 14 of them for the podcast. The cast contains seven different nationalities. The recording process took about two weeks. We only recorded five of the speakers in person in the studio, the rest was recorded remotely due to the early pandemic quarantine regulations in spring 2020.

Describe the outcome

The bold approach to put entertainment first and brand second payed off for audience and BMW alike. HYPNOPOLIS aimed to establish BMW as a relevant player in the field of audio entertainment and to reach new target audiences. Both goals were achieved: HYPNOPOLIS entered the top ten of the Apple Podcast charts in almost 120 countries and went straight to number one in 40 countries. Our media analysis shows that we have reached an audience of sci-fi enthusiasts that previously didn’t have a lot of engagement with the BMW brand. Since most of our listeners are between 25-35 years of age they belong to the especially valuable and hard to reach automotive target group of prospective first buyers.