Product/ServiceCLEANMYMAC X
Category B05. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Production MJOLK Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Marco Mäkinen TBWA\Helsinki Executive Vice President, Strategy
Jyrki Poutanen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Officer
Erno Reinikainen TBWA\Helsinki Executive Creative Director
Ville Ohtonen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Annika Baidin TBWA\Helsinki Account Director
Maija Naumanen TBWA\Helsinki Account Manager
Miika Luoma TBWA\Helsinki Director, Media & Audiences
Nelli Immonen TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Emma Kanninen TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Tommi Selander TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Heidi Ylä-Ajos TBWA\Helsinki Production Manager
Tuukka Tikkanen TBWA\Helsinki Production Manager
Ville Hackzell TBWA\Helsinki Editor
Anton Raappana TBWA\Helsinki Motion Designer/Editor
Iiro Hokkanen TBWA\Helsinki Director
Johanna Tarvainen TBWA\Helsinki Production Manager
Ville Ruokonen TBWA\Helsinki Junior Planner
Katariina Ollari TBWA\Helsinki Creative, Content
Antti Halme TBWA\Helsinki Senior Copywriter
Heidi Taina TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Juhani Ylitalo TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Mikko Halonen TBWA\Helsinki Creative Director
Tuomas Perälä TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Mattea Näveri TBWA\Helsinki Junior Art Director
Viggo Holländer TBWA\Helsinki Digital Designer
Lara Ala-Olla TBWA\Helsinki Designer
Mikko Roininen TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Juho Saari TBWA\Helsinki Design Trainee
Verena Bonsels TBWA\Dusseldorf Creative Director
Jean-Charles Davin TBWA\Worldwide Creative Director
Enya-Sarah El-Achi TBWA\Worldwide Junior Copywriter
Valentine Thomasset-Schanke TBWA\Worldwide Traffic Manager
Valentine Thomasset-Schanke TBWA\Worldwide Traffic Manager
Valentine Thomasset-Schanke TBWA\Worldwide Traffic Manager
Frej Karlson Mjölk Producer
Nalle Sjöblad Mjölk Director
Max Smeds Mjölk DOP
Petar Kostov Mjölk Gaffer
Yana Viktorova Mjölk 1st AD
Lora Venkova Mjölk Set Design
Sergei Yordanov Mjölk Costume designer
Alina Manova Mjölk Make-up & hair
Kharmel Cochrane Mjölk Editor
Petri Falkenberg Mjölk Color grading
Akseli Soini Mjölk Sound design
B2Y Productions B2Y Productions Mjölk VFX
Halyna Kuzmovych MacPaw Brand Marketing Manager
Marina Lisnyakovskaya MacPaw Product Marketing Manager
Ivan Kuziv MacPaw Chief Marketing Officer
Aleksandr Pronsky MacPaw Design Lead

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

At their local diner, Geoff, Kate and Larry are discussing an exciting trip they intend to take. As the friends guffaw at Geoff’s surrealist plans, Kate suddenly begins to choke on her dessert. Rushing after Kate, Geoff gives Larry the distressing task of searching the internet for instructions to the Heimlich grip. But as Kate wreaks havoc around the diner, gasping for air, an unexpected problem builds pressure at the table: Larry’s Mac will not cooperate – instead, the dreaded beach ball icon rolls on his screen. Kate, nearly unconscious on the diner floor, manages to gasp “peanut allergy” with her final breath. Geoff, knowing little of Larry’s hardships, gives him a new task: "search for peanut allergy".