Category A02. Healthcare
Entrant HAVAS Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation HAVAS Paris, FRANCE
Post Production FIRM STUDIO Paris, FRANCE
Post Production 2 COMPTOIR DU SON Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Christophe Coffre Havas Paris Chief Creative Officer
Cyrine Arrar Havas Paris Copywriter
Guillaume Fillion Havas Paris Artistic Director
Nathalie Pons Havas Paris Account manager
Julie Malet Havas Paris TV Producer
Julie Navarro BIG Productions Director
Manu Bernard BIG Productions DOP
Hélène De Rosna BIG Productions Production Director
Pierre Rambaldi BIG Productions Producer
Natacha Dolard BIG Productions Post-production manager
Dorian Le Dastumer FIRM Editing
Nicolas Gautier FIRM Calibration
Gwendoline Hamon COMPTOIR DU SON Voice over

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

Teenagers talk about sex with Imagyn. In fact, they talk about sex at all. This is what this spot shows, whose approach was to let the different protagonists exchange freely on the subject, without script. The camera, announced spy, turned in quasi-continuous, to show at the end only the most eloquent passages. The goal was to raise awareness among parents - who refuse to believe that their children are concerned by the subject - about the importance of having them vaccinated as soon as possible against the papilloma virus, because it can develop into cancer in adults, whether men or women. Without ever being voyeuristic or vulgar, this film shows the innocence and sincerity with which these young people approach the subject. We can see that for them, this is not a taboo subject, and what would be wrong would be not to talk about it.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

These three groups of young people were chosen to represent different age groups and social categories. It's a universal subject, so we had to represent as many teenagers as possible. The actors are not teenagers. The casting director chose them for their spontaneity, most of them in wild casting after asking a few questions. As the protagonists did not follow any script, the language they use in the spot is difficult to translate because it is very spontaneous, raw, and especially generational. The director and the creative team had to ask them several times to explain certain words or expressions used. But it is precisely this pure reality and realism that was necessary to convey this vital message.