Category B01. Consumer Goods
Entrant POL Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation POL Oslo, NORWAY
Production BACON OSLO Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Rikke Sofie Jakobsen POL Copywriter
Anette Bellika Finnanger POL Art Director
Sara Marie Hodnebo POL Art Director
Marius Eriksen POL Account Director
Kristin Eidså Brantzeg Scheele POL Account Manager
Simon Karlsson POL Planner
Pia Lystad POL Designer
Thomas Eklo Skaara POL Designer
Matias and Mathias Bacon Director
Andreas Bjørseth Andreas Bjørseth DOP
Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg Bacon Oslo Producer
Vittoria Røkke Bacon Production Manager
Monika Solberg Posten Marketing Director
Hege Barbara Aarhus Posten Campaign manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We start on an overview of the North Pole where the ice is cracking. Cut to an old, depressed and distressed Santa Claus. He is talking to an elf-therapist about a time when everything was so much easier, when both children AND their moms truly loved him. We see cutbacks to his glory days. He keeps talking about how Posten and their innovative solutions have made him out of business. We see cutbacks to him raging on twitter about "Fake news Posten" and their digital stamps. He even demolish postboxes. Furthermore we see him denying climate change and trying out new sports to find a new meaning. At a low point he is even ordering reindeer for dinner. But then suddenly a Postalwoman is ringing his doorbell (yes, Posten reaches even the North Pole) delivering letters to him, that makes him have the epiphany that he and Posten can collaborate.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Besides COVID-19, US politics was the one thing young adults in Norway talked about, the last chaotic weeks of the Presidency of Donald Trump. Trump is seen as the epitome of an angry, old man and disliked by most young adults, but one talent he does have is the ability to get attention. Everything that had the topic or the headline with Donald Trump got huge attention in Norway. And even high school students arranged their own election vigils the night of the election. Podcasts, memes, headings, events and lectures about Trump got a lot of attention and attendees - and was in itself a money making machine for a lot of companies. With the Podcast "Trump against the word" from the Norwegian broadcaster as the most popular one. PS: Keep in mind, this was before the capitol storming