Category B01. Consumer Goods
Entrant TWENTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation TWENTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement OMD DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production TWENTY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thomas Bjerg Twenty Client Manager
Sebastian Bonde Twenty Producer
Lea Brisell Twenty Art Director
Farah Dib Twenty Creative Director
Farah Dib Twenty Copywriter
August Rein Twenty Producer
Toke Blicher Møller TBM Studio Director
Mads Junker Freelance DOP
Adam Ullstrøm Freelance 1st AC
Casper Dufour Freelance Drone
Nis Nørgaard Thirty Sounds Good Sound Designer
Thorval Naur Freelance Music Composer
Jakob Linnemann Lange Freelance VFX/CGI artist
Nurali Kushkov Cameo Colorgrading
Morten Boserup Illuminate CPH Gaffer
Søren Gustafsson Freelance 1st AD
OMD OMD OMD Media Agency
Ida Laura Jakobsen Freelance Stylist / Makeup
Marluze da Cruz Freelance Talent
Marluze da Cruz Freelance Talent

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

'The Whole World at Your Doorstep' is a brave conceptualisation of the freedom VW California and our service gave back to the Danes - the feeling of waking up in new, magical locations every day. Through dream-like sound design, optical illusions and 'portals' representing the car leading into unexpected worlds, we brought to life the limitless opportunities of VW California. In the film, we see a woman wake up in her bedroom and step straight out onto a magical colza field where a wild horse is majestically grazing. She spots a 'portal' in the horizon – a door leading into a different world. A trick of the eye leads us to for a moment believe she's floating, before we realise it's her reflection. She steps through another portal, into a mystical forest where she disappears behind trees and exits out through a final portal representing the doors of VW California.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Since its iconic rise to fame in the '60s, Volkswagen California has been the most liberating way to travel - no destination, only adventure on the horizon. But in 2013, Denmark, like most of Europe, restricted overnight stops to official camping sites. Bringing freedom back, we launched a nationwide initiative in partnership with landowners, returning the land back to the community with unique, bookable overnight stays all over the country. For the first time in almost ten years, drivers could again wake up to dramatic cliffs and go to sleep by private lakes.