Product/ServiceABSOLUT VODKA
Category A01. Consumer Goods
Entrant BBH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation BBH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation 2 THE ABSOLUT COMPANY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PSYOP Los Angeles, USA
Post Production PSYOP Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company THE MARKETING ARM Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
Additional Company 2 BUTTER MUSIC & SOUND Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company 3 EPISODE FILMS LTD Taipei, TAIWAN
Additional Company 4 FUSE ADVENTURES IN AUDIO Singapore, SINGAPORE
Name Company Position
Joakim (jab) Borgstrom BBH Leadership
Adam Arnold BBH Leadership
Sid Tuli BBH Singapore Leadership
Sascha Kuntze BBH Singapore Leadership
Gaston Soto BBH Singapore Creative Director
Nikhil Panjwani BBH Singapore Creative Director
Stephanie Gwee BBH Singapore Creative
Sid Lim BBH Singapore Creative
Avril Chua BBH Singapore Creative
Lynette Chua BBH Singapore Account Management
Grace Lee BBH Singapore Account Management
Lilli English BBH Strategy
Faraaz Marghoob BBH Singapore Strategy
Wendi Chong BBH Singapore Production
Charl Bassil The Absolut Company Client
Tad Greenough The Absolut Company Client
Sina Neubrandt The Absolut Company Client
Filip Kiisk The Absolut Company Client
Ylva Lundberg The Absolut Company Client
Oscar Danielsson The Absolut Company Client
Todd Mueller Psyop Production
Kylie Matulick Psyop Production
Justin Booth-Clibborn Psyop Production
Joe Maggiore Psyop Production

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

2020 was the year of living virtually. In Europe and the US, virtual life looks like it will continue well into 2021. Absolut’s new global campaign looks excitedly into the future when real human connections replace online and being #togetherIRL is safe again. This is the story of four protagonists (Actor Tessa Thompson, Musician MNEK, Pro Gamer Ricki Oritz and Influencer Jolin Tsai). But in a year like 2020, it could be anyone's story. Each of them are masters of their own virtual worlds but are looking for something more meaningful outside. So they decide to break out from virtuality for a moment of togetherness #IRL. Because no matter how many followers or hearts you collect, nothing can make up for real-life togetherness.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Absolut believes in a more open and connected world. And yet, young people - who are more connected virtually than ever before - were reporting record levels of loneliness - even before the impact of the Covid pandemic. Data has revealed that hyper-connected Gen Z are the loneliest generation ever, with 80% reporting feeling lonely in 2019. This corresponded to a drop in the frequency of teens meeting up with each other daily - from 50% in 1990 to less than 30% now. So Absolut sought to inspire the loneliest generation to look forward to coming out and connecting meaningfully in person, the moment Covid restrictions are lifted. Working with 4 influencers from diverse backgrounds and geographies, we created a visceral call-to-action, encouraging GenZ to break out of their lockdown screen obsessions and take a breath, a whiff, a step into reality and appreciate a real moment of togetherness #IRL.