Category A03. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production TRY OPT Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 APARENT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Eirik Sørensen TRY Creative
Caroline Riis TRY Creative
Trond Sandø TRY account Director
Marte Heiersted TRY Project Manager
Jeppe Gjesti TRY Designer
Kavar Singh Aparent Director
Niels Windfeldt TRY Director
Niels Windfeldt Aparent Photographer
Aleksander Aurdal Aparent Producer
Cecilie Helsvig TRY Advicer
Henrik Pedersen Aparent Editor
Frode Ullebust IKEA Country Marketing Manager
Tobias Lien IKEA Country Marketing Communication Manger
Kristin Berge Jahr IKEA Marketing Communication Specialist
Elise Eik Ismar TRY Graphic Designer
Erik Teigland TRY Digital Producer
Oskar Dalsbakken Aparent Director Of Photography
Laura Ugolini Aparent FAD
Joakim Rissveds Aparent Grade
Andreas Waag Martinsen Aparent Sound Engineer
Thore Garberg Apollo Music Supervisor
Susanne Reinertsen IKEA Online Content Specialist
Beverley Getz Irvin IKEA Online Content Specialist
Åse-Marit Christensen IKEA Integrated Media Manger
Ulrikke Dahl IKEA Media Leader
Alexei Mokel Aparent Props
Espen Saur Aparent Production
Mats Mæland TRY Designer
Marthe Solli TRY Designer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In this documentary ad, we open on a dump outside Oslo in Norway, where we see a discarded BILLY bookshelf in a pile of trash. The price point next to it says the date and place of where it was found. We cut to an IKEA dresser abandoned in the woods, some IKEA stools on the street and an IKEA cabinet tossed away at a metal scrap heap. The film goes on to show many scenes like this, of real IKEA trash we discovered around Norway. Then, we see the same furniture being washed over and put back together, before being proudly displayed as the brand new collection from IKEA – The Trash Collection 2021. The film lands in the copy: The furniture we found just needed a wash and a few spare parts. See the collection and how we can throw less at

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. With an average annual income of €74.000, it’s easy for us to buy new things rather than re-use or take care of what we have. IKEA is Norway’s largest furniture retailer, and also the cheapest. Because of the low prices, Norwegians tend to see IKEA furniture as disposable. Every year, we throw away more than 3 million pieces of furniture. Which is a lot, when you think about the fact that we have a total population of 5,4 million people.