Category B02. Healthcare
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production IT'S US MEDIA Berlin, GERMANY
Production 2 STUDIO FUNK Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company AMORELIE Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jan Harbeck Jung von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Sven Rebholz Jung von Matt AG Managing Director
Lisa Yvonne Heimgartner Jung von Matt AG Creative Director
Anina Wäsche Jung von Matt AG Art Director
Aline Mathieu Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Inka Weigl Jung von Matt AG Account Director
Eva Hansen Jung von Matt AG Junior Project Manager
Sergii Eisenstadt Jung von Matt AG Agency Producer
Claire Midwood AMORELIE (Sonoma Internet GmbH) CEO
Bettina Lange AMORELIE (Sonoma Internet GmbH) Head of Brand Marketing
Heidi Plath (Ross) AMORELIE (Sonoma Internet GmbH) Senior Brand Manager
Nicola von Leffern It´s Us Media GmbH Director
Tanja Häring It´s Us Media GmbH Director Of Photography
Rain Cencana It´s Us Media GmbH Editor
Chuala Hinrichs Freelance Music Artist

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

A very intimate mini-documentary, in which three “real” mother-daughter pairs interview each other about their sexuality. For the first time. In front of a camera. Who learned what from whom? Who thought what about whom? For the first time, a daughter dares to ask her mother whether masturbation is important to her. Each mother-daughter pair has their very own moments of deep understanding when they talk about the taboos around female pleasure and how to overcome them in order to have a fulfilled sex life. And the most important thing: they realize that they don’t have to be ashamed.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The suppression of women, which has been deeply rooted in society for centuries, has led to women's sexuality becoming a taboo subject. As something to be ashamed of. Therefore no one talks about it. The vicious circle does not end there. Mothers in particular are no longer perceived as sexual beings. This becomes unpleasantly visible when we think about our own mothers’ sexuality.