Category B01. Consumer Goods
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production TEMPOMEDIA Frankfurt, GERMANY
Additional Company SUPREME MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 BEIERSDORF Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
 Alexander Krümke Beiersdorf AG Communication und Brand Lead
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Creation
Alex Schmid Jung von Matt AG Creative Direction
Stefan Golde Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Clara Brandt Jung von Matt AG Art Direction
Jessica Roser Jung von Matt AG Project Management
Ralph Teichmann Jung von Matt AG Agency Producer
Leonard Leis Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Producer
Emely Sudhaus Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Producer
Sergej Moya Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Director
Cosima Lohse Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Assistant Director
Christian Huck Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Director Of Photography
Nelson Smith Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Camera assistant
Stefanie Fuge Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Styling
Sabine Szekely Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Hair and makeup
Chris Creatures Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH Animatronics
Kira Bürgerhoff Slaughterhouse GmbH Colourist
Josch Kretzschmar Slaughterhouse GmbH VFX/Operator
Maximilian Olowinsky Supreme Music Composer
Florian Lakenmacher Supreme Music Composer
Henning Sommer Supreme Music Composer
Chris Buseck Supreme Music Composer
Sebastian Schütze Supreme Music Composer
Bogdan Dück Supreme Music Composer
Felix Müller Supreme Music Composer
Manon Kahle Slaughterhouse GmbH Voice Over
Henning Martens Slaughterhouse GmbH Producer
Sabine Panek Slaughterhouse GmbH Cutter
Bernhard Pausch Supreme Music Composer
Stephan Giest Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Brand

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film documents the real story of Lilly and Madelaine, 16-year-old twins from Hamburg, who were born 9 weeks too early. Madelaine had a hole in her heart, becoming weaker and weaker every day. While the doctors ran out of ideas on how to save her, a nurse had the idea to put the twins into the same incubator, where Lilly instantly hugged her sister. From this point on, Madelaine’s condition got better every day – her sister’s touch saved her life.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

With the pandemic causing more and more people to feel isolated and lonely, it’s even more important to talk about the health benefits of human touch.