Category D01. Screens & Events
Idea Creation JUNG VON MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Production CZAR FILM Hamburg, GERMANY
Post Production BACON Copenhagen, DENMARK
Additional Company BOOGIE FILMS Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Additional Company 2 2WEI MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 DB CARGO AG Frankfurt a. Main, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Martell Beck DB Cargo AG Head of Marketing and Transport Policy
Dörte Spengler-Ahrens Jung von Matt AG Managing Director Creation
Michael Wilde Jung von Matt AG Creative Direction
Olasumbo Pinheiro Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Winfried Scheller Jung von Matt AG Copywriter
Ibrahem Ghareib Jung von Matt AG Art Direction
Martin Stoepel Jung von Matt AG Art Direction
Olasumbo Pinheiro Jung von Matt AG Concept
Ibrahem Ghareib Jung von Matt AG Concept
Stephan Giest Jung von Matt AG Project Management
Annette Krebs Jung von Matt AG Project Management
Paula Toepfer Jung von Matt AG Project Management
Ralph Teichmann Jung von Matt AG Agency Producer
Jan Fincke CZAR Film GmbH Executive Producer
Vincent Taeger CZAR Film GmbH Producer
Martin Werner CZAR Film GmbH Director
David Jančar CZAR Film GmbH Assistant Director
Betka Noll CZAR Film GmbH Floor manager
Manel Ruiz CZAR Film GmbH Cameraman
Tomas Munzperger CZAR Film GmbH Camera assistant
Marek Schnierer CZAR Film GmbH Camera assistant
Dagmar Stefflová CZAR Film GmbH Styling
Zuzana Buriánková CZAR Film GmbH Hair and makeup
Alena Cerna CZAR Film GmbH Casting
Madla Zachariasova CZAR Film GmbH Casting
Eliana Carranza-Pitcher BaconX Executive Producer
Jim Lerch BaconX Producer
Camilla Strandskov BaconX Producer
Jan Tvilling BaconX Creative Director
Hannibal Lang BaconX Colourist
Thomas Banner BaconX 2D Lead
Gabi Popov BaconX Animation
David Lassel BaconX CG Lead
Arthur Dalvig BaconX CG Artist
Rickard Didriksson BaconX CG Artist
Thomas Haas BaconX CG Artist
Søren Knudsen BaconX Conform Artist
Antonio Di Iorio 2WEI Composer
Simon Heeger 2WEI Composer
Christian Vorländer 2WEI Composer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film opens in a dark, bleak world. It is the modern apocalypse: violent thunderstorms threaten major cities. Torrential rains and strong winds sweep everything in their path. A news anchor asks, "Is it possible to stop the climate crisis?" as the rest of the world watches the disaster in alarm.... hopelessly. Until a mysterious man appears, a legend: NOAH. Together with his helpers, the legendary Noah loads animals and valuable items onto his ark in the pouring rain. The task is challenging, too many animals and items to secure. But he manages it. He closes the door... and we discover that instead of an ark.... he has used a DB Cargo freight train to save the world one more time. The train drives off into the sunset, symbolizing hope for a way out of the climate crisis.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

It is no secret that we are on the brink of a climate disaster. And that if we don't act now it could be too late. DB Cargo is at the forefront of the fight against the climate crisis, transporting goods all over Europe in a climate-neutral way and with far less CO2 emissions than transporting goods by truck. DB-Cargo wants to lead the way to a green future and take its employees along with it on this journey.