Product/ServiceLA ROCHE POSAY
Category A03. Casting
Entrant BETC Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation BETC Paris, FRANCE
Production CAVIAR Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 GUM Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Antoinette Beatson BETC ECD
Lauren Haberfield BETC Art Director
Donya Bouzarjomehri BETC Copywriter
Margaux Gutmann BETC Assistant Art Director
Christophe Caurret BETC Music creative director
Antoine Pivard BETC Strategic Planning
Juliette Ragagnon BETC Strategic Planning
Mailys Ducourneau BETC Strategic Planning
Laure Denizot BETC Agency Producer
Lucy Lescombe NA Director
Mercedes Erra BETC Agency Management
Anne-Laure Brunner BETC Agency Management
Béatrice Ruty BETC Agency Management
Damien Clanet BETC Agency Management
Manon Roux BETC Agency Management
Laetitia Toupet La Roche Posay Brand Management
Othman Bennis La Roche Posay Brand Management
Lea Deramo La Roche Posay Brand Management
Andra Voinea La Roche Posay Brand Management

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The ‘Beyond Skin’ film is a promise to the 1.9 billion people who have skin issues that they are not alone in fighting their battle for healthy skin. The film, featuring real people of all ages, genders and ethnicities brings to light the long overlooked impact skin issues have on life, to show that behind every single one of them are people suffering from feelings of isolation, self-doubt and anxiety. By showing raw skin alongside raw insights, the film breaks away from the traditional ‘perfect skin’ beauty codes to reveal the gravitas of the issue and the importance of a brand, such as La Roche Posay, to take a stand and fight alongside people everyday, for their right to healthy skin.

Tell the jury about the casting process.

As advertising has traditionally ostracised anything but perfectly skinned models, it took us a month to find our cast of non-actors with active skin issues, having to dive into online skin support communities and social media groups. With skin issues long being linked to low self-esteem, it was a challenge to find people brave enough to bare their skin and accept however it looked on the day without make-up or retouching. We saw over 291 people, who were proud of the idea of seeing people like themselves represented in skincare advertising. We worked hard to make the casting process a supportive space knowing that it would be their first time and talking about issues that had caused them pain. It was crucial that we cast a range of people different audiences could identify with, showcasing multiple problems including acne, eczema, scars and allergies as well as multiple ethnicities and ages.