HP TPA 2.0

TitleHP TPA 2.0
Product/ServiceTHINK PAD
Category A01. Direction
Entrant ANORAK Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation AKQA Berlin, GERMANY
Production ANORAK Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jake Cooper AKQA Executive Creative Director
Gabrielle Soria AKQA Creative Director
André Blanco AKQA Senior Creative
Eduardo Rodarte AKQA Senior Art Director
Res Matthys AKQA Copywriters
Niklas Scholz AKQA Copywriter
Christian Detken AKQA Motion Designer
Markus Biesenbach AKQA Senior Account Manager
Rasmus Johansson AKQA Associate Project Manager
Alexi Gunnar AKQA Senior Strategist
Bernd Faass ANORAK Director
Jens Spöri ANORAK Director Of Photography
Oliver Don - Editor
Tobias Steinhauser ANORAK Film Executive Producer
Franko Melisch ANORAK Producer
Thomas Berlin 48K Music Production
Denis Elmaci - Sound Designer
Jochen Manz - Photographer
Tina Vojnič - Production Designer
Slaughterhouse Berlin Slaughterhouse Berlin VFX Company
Jochen Ziegler HP Director Personal Systems Marketing DACH at HP
Ute Ricciarelli HP Commercial Marketing Manager, Personal Systems D+AT at HP

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

On the surface, the campaign may be about different and absurd work scenarios, but deep inside it’s about the courage and lightness that our characters are about to find in themselves, thanks to HP.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

For this campaign, we tapped into a powerful, local cultural truth - that Germans are resistant to change. In a light-hearted way, we portrayed Thinkpad users as reluctant to try new things, persuading German IT decision makers to give change a chance and switch to the far superior HP Notebooks.