Category B03. Sound Design
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement OMD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB CEA & CCO
Petter Dixelius NORD DDB Copywriter
Joel Ekstrand NORD DDB Art Director
Stina Nyberg NORD DDB Client Manager
Jens Welin NORD DDB Senior Client Director
Jeanette Ytterman NORD DDB Client Director
Jesper Andersson NORD DDB Planner
Linnea Berglund NORD DDB Planner
Edith Sundberg NORD DDB Graphic Designer
Daniel Liljas NORD DDB Graphic Designer
Anna Lisspers NORD DDB Print Production
Johan Leborg NORD DDB Copywriter
Sofie Hammers NORD DDB Social Media & Community Strategist
Alexander Olsson Nelin NORD DDB Content Creative
Victor Söderblom NORD DDB Digital Client Manger
Siri Lindén NORD DDB Influencer Specialist
Christoffer Åhlund NORD DDB Digital Client Director
Daniel Johansson NORD DDB Webmaster
Staffan Ekstam McDonald's Sweden CMO
Susanne Rydjer McDonald's Sverige Marketing Manager
Sofie Lager McDonald's Sweden Senior Marketing Manager
Johan Tennbäck McDonald's Sweden Head of Social Media
Michaela Bognäs McDonald's Sweden Digital Manager
Henrik Nerell McDonald's Sweden Head of PR & Communication
Emanuel Falsen OMD Client Director
Hildegard Rodriguez OMD Client Manager
Hampus Knutsson Prime Weber Shandwick Key account manager
Hanna Dahlborg Prime Weber Shandwick Strategic project manager
Beata Berg Prime Weber Shandwick Senior planner, strategy
Axel Tesch Prime Weber Shandwick Senior planner, strategy
Louise Moberg Prime Weber Shandwick Creative Director
Kaspar-Petter Prinz Prime Weber Shandwick Art Director
Anders Pålsson Prime Weber Shandwick Designer
Erik Gruvfors Prime Weber Shandwick Manager, Mediaspecialist
Tompa Skoging ACNE Director
Fredrik Skoglund ACNE Executive Producer
Mats Wolgers ACNE Producer
Olle Kirchmeier ACNA DOP
Maja Britasdotter Östberg ACNE Producer
Mattias Yngwe House Agency Agency Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We see Swedish youth through out the years, from the 70s until present time. They all sing the classic Swedish 90s hit "Open your door" but with new lyrics about all different prejudices adults have towards them – be it punks, heavy metal kids, influencers or gamers. In the chorus they all sing "And every generation has felt the same", giving us a reminder that every adult generation have a tendency to think less of "kids these days". The main character of the film, a young girl named Selma, is heading somewhere. She ties together all the generations in the end as she marches towards her destination... which turns out to be McDonald's – her place of work. SUPER: We've believed in every hopeless generation since 1973 SUPER: Now it's more important than ever SUPER: Open the door for Sweden's youth

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Because of the pandemic, Sweden has its highest number of unemployed youth ever. Since McDonald's is one of the few companies still hiring young adults in 2021 it was an opportunity to take a stance for this generation. In Sweden, McDonald's I considered to be one of the best companies to have as the first place of employment on your resume. The cultural references in the film are taken from time-typical album covers, reality tv shows and real modern day influencers and TikTok-personalities.

Tell the jury about the elements of sound design.

Ambience, music, studio vocals mixed up with vocals recoded on set.