Product/ServiceAKER BRAND
Category B05. Visual Effects
Entrant ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation ANTI Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 EXPANSE Oslo, NORWAY
Post Production MOTION BLUR Oslo, NORWAY
Post Production 2 GIMPVILLE Oslo, NORWAY
Post Production 3 HELMET Trondheim, NORWAY
Post Production 4 HITCH Copenhagen, DENMARK
Post Production 5 VIBRANT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Per Erik Jarl ANTI Art Director
Christian Hygen ANTI Copywriter
Torstein Drogseth ANTI Account Director
Nora Gauslaa ANTI Account Manager
Espen Sandberg Motion Blur Film Director
Nina Lorenzten Motion Blur Producer
Espen Horn Motion Blur Executive Producer
Mikael Windelin Motion Blur VFX Producer
Pål Ulvik Motion Blur DOP
David Wilson Motion Blur DOP
Jens Christian Fodstad Motion Blur Editor
Andreas Waag Martinsen Motion Blur Sound
Johannes Ringen Motion Blur Music Composer
Jean-Clément Soret Company 3 Grading

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

We see planet earth from outer space. And then zooms quickly in on a mountain top. Chuck Norris sits in a rocking chair. Voiceover: "When the world was in trouble, it called Chuck Norris" Chuck Norris captures carbon by inhaling it. Chuck Norris batteling the rays of the sun. Chuck Norris on top a whale capturing sea wind with a bazooka-like device. And Chuck Norris inside "The Matrix", transforming big data into small digit-like sheeps. Voiceover: "But time has come to pass the torch - Chuck has found his successor - a company called AKER" Chuck Norris sets out on an incredible journey visiting AKERs sustainable key projects around in the world. He rides a moose, he kites through air lifted up by gooseforce. He rides an orca. Before his face turns into the sun. Super: The worlds toughest job awaits - we´ll take it from here, Chuck AKER-logo

Tell the jury about the visual effects and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

Every scene in the spot is a combination of live action (talent shot on green screen) and VFX. Most scenes also use a real life background plate, with a few where the entire, scene with the exception of talent, is CGI. Advanced CGI techniques are used, with the goal of being photorealistic in each scene. Given the heavy VFX needs and short timeline for the production there were many challenges. Chief among them was having to split the work up between 7 VFX houses. Syncing the look and feel of the work between the 7 houses was the highest priority, in addition to delivering on time, for this incredibly ambitious production.