Category A06. Use of Original Music
Entrant LA REDOUTE Roubaix, FRANCE
Idea Creation FRED & FARID Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Fred et Farid FRED & FARID Paris Chief Creative Officer
Olivier Lefebvre FRED & FARID Paris Executive Creative Director
Séverine Autret FRED & FARID Paris Managing director
Leslie Hatchwell FRED & FARID Paris Agency Supervisors
Amélie Poisson La Redoute Brand Supervisors
Marie Guillemot La Redoute Brand Supervisors
Maylis Lasagesse La Redoute Brand Supervisors
Mélanie Dufour La Redoute Brand Supervisors
Yann Rougeron FRED & FARID Paris Art Director
Yann Rougeron FRED & FARID Paris Copywriter
Agathe Michaux Terrier FRED & FARID Paris Agency Producer
Maud Whittle FRED & FARID Paris Agency Producer
Quad Stories Quad Stories Production Company
Seydi Bayrak Quad Stories Producer
Géraldine Nakache Quad Stories Director
George Lechaptois Quad Stories Cinematographer
Camille Lipmann Quad Stories Line Producer
Nabia Amraoui Quad Stories Production coordinator
Fix studio Fix studio Post-Production
Claire Prud'homme Fix studio Post Producer
Dorian Rigal-Ansous Fix studio Editor
Frédéric Poteau Fix studio Color Grader
Thomas Canu Fix studio Graphist
Massive Music Amsterdam Fix studio Music Production
Pierre Carnet Fix studio Music Supervisor
Chien Noir "Histoire Vraie" Fix studio Music
Benjamin Desplanques Benzene Sound Post-Production

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

When a child leaves the family nest, it is the whole balance of a household that is reshaped. It is this universal experience, which we might have all faced at one time, that is portrayed in this film entitled "Two Brothers". This movie tells the story of two brothers who live with their parents. They love one another as they fight. The older brother is a real role model for the younger one. But one day, the older brother graduates and leaves to go to college in another city. The start of his independence. He leaves his younger brother, and his parents, behind at home. But before leaving, he wants to offer his brother one last gift.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In France, in the context of a health crisis that has lasted for more than a year, our relationship with the family has changed. We had to learn to live with our family 24/7, and even work remotely during the various lockdowns we experienced. We also had to stay away from our relatives for very long periods of time. La Redoute is a leading e-commerce brand that has been part of French lives for 180 years and aims to be the favourite lifestyle platform for families. For nearly 50 years, each French household owned a printed shopping brochure. This catalogue is no longer available, but it has become an iconic object in everyone's memories. In these difficult times, La Redoute wanted to address all families by bringing a kind perspective on the universal stories of family life and to highlight its place at the heart of every family.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

Two Brothers is a popular film that touched the heart of the French people thanks to the authenticity of its story, but above all, thanks to the choice of music, a real emotion enhancer. Because music is often the best voice-over, we gave it a major place that only a few dialogues disturb. For La Redoute, the choice of a new generation artist was crucial to its brand strategy. That's why we selected the singer "Chien Noir" and his song "Histoire Vraie", then little known by the general public in 2021, which appeared to us as an obvious choice because the strength of its melody and its lyrics immediately gave an amplitude to the film, a semblance of sincerity that generates strong emotion from the first listening. Thanks to this media exposure, Chien Noir has entered the top 50 most shazamized French artists for the month of March.