Category A01. Direction
Production CZAR Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Dennis Baars TBWA\NEBOKO Creative
Erik Falke TBWA\NEBOKO Creative
Darre van Dijk TBWA\NEBOKO CCO
Peter Burger TBWA\NEBOKO Agency Producer
Bart Timmer Czar Amsterdam Director
Willem Bos Czar Amsterdam Executive Producer
Wies Dammers Czar Amsterdam Producer
Paul Özgür Czar Amsterdam DOP
Florian Legters Czar Amsterdam Art Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

It is gradually becoming a December tradition: the Dutch State Lottery’s campaign for the draw on New Year's Eve. Following the dog Frekkel (2018) and hedgehog Freddie (2019), the black kitten Frummel plays the lead role for the 2020 commercial. Because of the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, the kitten in this film is the last one left of its litter. However, the new owner is not put off by this and is immediately rewarded as it turns out that Frummel is a very special cat: the kitten brings good luck every time it meows. Ultimately, when its new owner has the possible winning ticket within reach, Frummel gives him a hint or a 'miaow'. However, the owner is selfless and trusts in fate and grants what is potentially the main prize to a young, pregnant couple behind him in line.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

“The New Year's Eve draw has grown to be a true phenomenon. It has become a permanent part of New Year's Eve for millions of Dutch people and an annual challenge for ourselves. Every year we try to present a story that touches the Dutch population." says Arno de Jong, CMO Nederlandse Loterij. The campaign also inspired the Dutch State Lottery to think about how they could bring more luck to the animals in the Netherlands. An initiative was created, in collaboration with local shelters and the national organisation ‘,’ to put a spotlight on Dutch shelter cats. There were posters hanging all over the bigger Dutch cities in December 2020 with photos of ‘Frummel's friends’ who are looking for a new, caring home.