Category B04. Animation
Idea Creation ISOBAR Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production BAKEHOUSE Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production BAKEHOUSE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Ruurd Neurink Porsche Netherlands Head of Marketing & Communications
Anne Pellekoorn Porsche Netherlands Brand Marketing Manager
Mayke van de Rijt Porsche Netherlands Brand Marketing Manager
Norbert Hoogeslag Porsche Netherlands Researcher/Journalist
Rita Lopes van den Broek dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Creative Copywriter
Bex McNally dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Creative Art Director
Amber Akkermans dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Sr. Content Producer
Marc Elbers dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Head of Production
Britt Boss dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Strategist
Jasper Janssen dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Creative Director
Samyr Souen dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Creative Director
Ralph Balk dentsuACHTUNG! Amsterdam Business Director
Alya Lugovaya Bakehouse Head of Production
Kostya Korobkin Bakehouse Head of Production
Sophya Katulska Bakehouse Executive Producer
Mitya Katkin Bakehouse Creator and Lead art-director
Dima Rodionov Bakehouse Concept Artist
Denis Kharitonov Bakehouse CG Supervisor and Lead animator
Ivan Godomin Bakehouse Compositing
Kirill Kuzin Bakehouse Modeling and R&D
Nikita Dashkov Bakehouse Motion design
Alexandra Frolova Bakehouse Mattepainting
Vanya Maslov Bakehouse Composer
Stas Paushev-Neznakomov Bakehouse SFX
Yaroslav Redkin Bakehouse SFX

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

At Porsche the biggest inspiration is failure and in the films we are following three real lessons from the track, that changed Porsche’s history and shake up racing forever – Gijs van Lennep’s accident at the Les Combes bend, banned Porsche made of ultra-light carbon and a 1-2 finish for Porsche 959 at the Dakar Rally. All three stories are coming together in the typographic narrative to deliver the simple lesson to the audience – you can’t win if you don’t lose. This campaign visually breaks out of the sea of sameness to remind our viewers that Porsche was born a motorsports car.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Porsche has endured many lows to achieve the highs. Where others see obstacles Porsche sees opportunity. An opportunity to learn. Porsche learns from every test, every win, and every loss. It made the brand Porsche is today. Better, faster & more intelligent. Failure is not the end, it’s the beginning of a new, better, attempt. By this films we are celebrating the brand’s DNA and the lessons learned on the track.

Tell the jury about type(s) of animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

Animation techniques: pretty much run-of-the-mill 3D animation with increased emphasis on camera movements. The greatest challenge we faced was the common human weakness, the insurmountable desire to sleep at least once a week =) Also the sad reality of modern 3D software lacking any relevant typographic capabilities, which, in the confines of a typography-based project, forced us to blindly master all text elements in Adobe Illustrator before putting them into a 3D environment.