Silver Eurobest Award
Category C03. Print & Publishing
Entrant DDB Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation DDB Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Chief Creative Officer
Jean-François Bouchet DDB Paris Creative Director & Copywriter
Emmanuel Courteau DDB Paris Creative Director & Art Director & Photo Retoucher
Olivier Massanella DDB Paris Agency Supervisor
Karène Guillot DDB Paris Agency Supervisor
Alexandre Turcaud DDB Paris Agency Supervisor
Fabien BARRAU Mikros Photo Post-producer, Retoucher
Fabien GODENÈCHE Mikros Photo Head of operations
Antoine BORY Mikros Photo Post-producer
Marie-Cécile JUGLAIR Mikros Photo Post-producer
Marouan EL BEKRI Mikros Photo Supervisor CG
Jacob T OOMMEN Mikros Photo Supervisor CG, Modeling Texturing
Nicolas DUTHATCO Mikros Photo Modeling Texturing
Philippe ZOZOR Mikros Photo Modeling Texturing
Sonia APUZZO Mikros Photo Retoucher

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In France, on the car servicing &maintenance market, competition has got tougher and tougher, from ten years, with many new brands offering cheap prices. That is why Volkswagen Servicing & Maintenance wanted to insist on the high quality of their work, in order to keep their usual clients (Volkswagen car owners), and to gain new ones (other car owners).

Tell the jury about the illustration.

3D illustration is a long process that involves a lot of different steps. More than 1200 hours were necessary to craft these visuals, starting with countless sketches, using a simple pencil and a lot of paper to find the right composition. Visual development is also a key step, especially when you have to imagine what the future will look like. We didn’t want to create a world too artificial or distant, so we chose a retro-futuristic style, which helped us preserve a more realistic feeling. All the different elements were designed and modeled to fit altogether in this new world: vehicles, buildings, roads, characters, animals, robots… Lightning, rendering, textures, and compositing slowly gave life to the whole picture. Last but not least, finalization was made on Photoshop, including matte painting, retouching and color grading.