Category A06. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Entrant FRIENDS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement OCEAN OUTDOOR SWEDEN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement 2 PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 BLECK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production 2 BLECK Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Lovisa Lönnebo Friends Marketing and communications manager
Karin Schütz Friends Project Manager
Naod Abera Abera Friends PR and press officer
Henrik Hanson Bleck Director
Maria Elmqvist Bleck Producer
Jesper Albansson Albansson Ocean Outdoor Director of Marketing & Communications
Staffan Eliasson Ocean Outdoor Creative Solutions Manager
Niklas Gagnegårdh Ocean Outdoor Head of trading
Malin Sjödin Ocean Outdoor Head of Ad Operations
George Stassais Ocean Outdoor Director of development and contracts
Johan Lööf Ocean Outdoor Marketing Project Manager
Nayeli Kremb Perfect Fools Art Director
Fabian Lakander Perfect Fools Copywriter
Klas Lusth Perfect Fools Creative Director
Petter Esbjörnsson Perfect Fools Copywriter
Antonino Ognissanti Perfect Fools Designer
Anna Rosdahl Perfect Fools PR Manager
Josefine Enelid Roos Perfect Fools Client Lead

Why is this work relevant for Media?

By choosing the right media we were able to make the hidden cyberbullying on children’s phones visible to adults all over Sweden - giving adults the awareness needed to act. Using digital out of homes also made it possible to actually stream the notifications from the children’s screens to public screens. Furthermore, the execution took advantage of the DOOH’s similarity to mobile screens. The notifications constantly intruded the screen all around the clock, just like on children’s phones, and the screen’s similarity in shape made the execution striking.


Social media isn’t only for posting pictures of cute cats or fun dance challenges. It’s also a place of intense bullying. The bullying that previously occurred in the schoolyard, where everyone could see it, has moved to mobile phones and computers. It happens in secret, out of sight of adults. The brief was to create a campaign that raises adults’ awareness of cyberbullying. Our objective was to increase adults’ awareness of cyberbullying and incentivize them to act.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

The non-profit Friends conduct a vast amount of research about bullying every year, which results in The Friends Annual Report. The 2020 report found that 40% of all children and teenagers in Sweden had been bullied online. And, nearly half of them had never told an adult about it. Years of research has also shown that adults taking action is absolutely essential if bullying is to be prevented. But, for that to happen, adults actually need to be aware of the bullying. Awareness is the first step towards action. Therefore, Friends together with Ocean Outdoor sought to reveal the hidden cyberbullying to all adults. Authentic notifications from bullied children’s hidden screens were streamed to thousands of public screens, all over Sweden. The notifications popped up on top of the regular advertising, giving adults a glimpse of an unknown reality, and the awareness needed to act.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

According to Friends research, adults taking action is absolutely essential if bullying is to be stopped. But, for that to happen, they actually need to be aware of what’s going on behind the children’s screens. Therefore, the bullying was taken from the hidden, to the public. The goal was to reach adults, and since “adults” is a very wide target audience, AND due to DOOHs similarity to mobile screens, DOOHs was chosen as the main media. Central stations, shopping malls, airports and supermarkets were specifically targeted to effectively reach the target audience.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign ran during the first week of school graduation, 7-13 of June. This particular week was chosen due to the nature of cyberbullying. It’s not limited to schoolyards or classrooms. It continues over the summer, everywhere you go and around the clock. The notifications were streamed from bullied children’s phones to 2042 DOOHs all over Sweden. Specifically 96 shopping malls, 32 central stations, 15 airports and 370 supermarkets. The locations of the DOOHs had ca 21 399 000 visits during the week of the campaign, in a country with roughly 10 million inhabitants.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign was picked up by Sweden's biggest TV station (SR) who ran a 7 minute long feature and interview with Friends about the campaign and the cause. It was also picked up by Sweden's biggest radio network (SR) in a 5 minute feature, evening press TV for an 8 minute interview and by several other papers. The locations of the DOOHs had ca 21 399 000 visits during the week of the campaign, in a country with roughly 10 million inhabitants. Interaction on Friends social media channels increased by roughly 400% during the campaign (compared to other campaigns and content). Friends annual report about bullying in Sweden is yet to come out, but early signs are showing promise of changes to adults’ awareness of cyberbullying - the most important step towards action