Product/ServiceBBC FIRST
Category D02. Promotional Items & Printed Media
Entrant PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Idea Creation PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Production PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Post Production PUBLICIS Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Eduardo Marques Publicis Groupe Benelux Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director
Karel Vinck Publicis Groupe Benelux Client Lead
Jolien Elegeert Publicis Groupe Benelux Copywriter
Catheline Leroy Publicis Groupe Benelux Art Director
Christophe Van Tricht Publicis Groupe Benelux Creative Designer
Sander Bergmeijer Publicis Groupe Benelux Copywriter
Jan Denys Publicis Groupe Benelux Copywriter
Charles-Elie Chauvaux Publicis Groupe Benelux Art Director
Steef Nijhof Publicis Groupe Benelux Art Director
Mathias Lewis Publicis Groupe Benelux Sound Engineer
Saartje Goris Publicis Groupe Belgium Sound Producer
Saartje Goris Publicis Groupe Belgium Sound Production
Tom Garcia Publicis Groupe Benelux Sound Lead
Tom Garcia Publicis Groupe Benelux Sound Production
Malgorzata Mazur BBC Marketing manager
Corinna Carlesso BBC Marketing executive

Cultural / Context information for the jury

BBC First’s All Creatures Great and Small, a series set in the 30’s about human and animal relations was about to launch. The show has “hero”: the Short Horn Cow. As we discover in the first episode, this iconic landmark of the Yorkshire Dales started to be replaced by cows who produced more milk. But the quality of it was always missed. To launch the show in Holland, world’s 3rd biggest milk consumer, we partnered up with this rare breed of cows to pamper all creatures great and small, and to bring this delicious rare milk back, with some other surprises and treats.

Write a short summary of the ambient work.

BBC created treats for both people and animals: a bottle of rare Short Horn Cow Milk for pet-owners and crunchy popcorn-like cookies for their pets. Analyzing Holland’s social (animal fans), demographic and geographic data, we mapped out a route to deliver our treats with an oldschool delivery-truck to people’s doorstep, including influencers and relevant journalists. Pet-owners and their pets could enjoy their popcorn and milk together while watching a trailer dubbed by animal voice-overs, and accessed via a QR code, so even pets could “enjoy” the show.