2021 Social & Influencer


Category C04. Social Commerce
Name Company Position
Hanning Beland Serviceplan Suisse AG Art Director
Peter Liptak Serviceplan Suisse AG Copywriter
Henry Clarke Serviceplan Suisse AG Copywriter
Terence Fuchs Serviceplan Suisse AG Graphic Designer
Carina Kienzle Serviceplan Suisse AG Graphic Designer
Kurt Bösiger Serviceplan Suisse AG Director/DoP/Edit/Postproduction
Dominic Shota Schweingruber Serviceplan Suisse AG Director/DoP/Edit/Postproduction
Mareike Pässler Serviceplan Suisse AG Content Manager
Livia Küpfert Serviceplan Suisse AG Account Director
Nathalie Jakober Serviceplan Suisse AG Agency Producer
Per Kasch Per Kasch Photography Photographer/Director
Carina Kienzle Serviceplan Suisse AG Illustrator
Team Supreme Music Supreme Music Soundtrack
Thomas Lüber Serviceplan Suisse AG Creative Director Social Media
Marcin Baba Serviceplan Suisse AG Executive Creative Director
Jason Romeyko Serviceplan Group SE Worldwide ECD
Alexander Schill Serviceplan Group SE Global Chief Creative Officer

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

The #dillygallopchallenge created a viral challenge to help a fashion brand reach a new and younger target audience on TikTok. The campaign helped the client to rapidly create a new community of Gen Z-aged followers and transformed a simple 2-for-1 offer into an opportunity for a highly stylised brand to adapt itself to TikTik’s DIY aesthetic. Users could easily recreate the changes with the app. A campaign coordinated with influencers helped the hashtag #dillygallopchallenge go viral, boosting visibility for the brand's own videos with a direct link to its online store.


Dilly Socks is a Swiss start-up that makes cool, colourful socks that its sells through its online store. Loved by Instagram-based millennials, the brand wanted to target younger Gen Z customers, a generation more concentrated on TikTok. So far, Dilly Socks’ attempts to penetrate the growing music and video sharing platform had failed. The brand’s slick, static image-based aesthetic was ill-matched to TikTok’s DIY appeal. There was no doubt that Dilly Sock’s colourful prints and patterns would appeal to young Gen Z. But the brand needed a platform-specific campaign to grab TikTok users’ attention and bring them to its webstore.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The “Dilly Gallop Challenge” promoted a two-for-one offer on Dilly Socks with a with a viral challenge. Participants “galloped” like horses with socks on their hands and feet, filming and sharing the results on Tiktok with the hashtag #dillygallopchallenge. As most TikTok challenges have their own song, “Do the Silly Walk” was composed and recorded especially for the challenge and made available to TikTok users. The brand’s own challenge videos included a link to Dilly Sock’s webstore.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Dilly Socks is a popular brand among urban Swiss millennials, many of whom are active Instagram users, where the brand’s slick and stylish profile enjoys a large following. However, a change of tone was needed to reach the younger Gen Y audience on their favourite platform, TikTok. Known for its funny and silly viral challenges, TikTok makes it easy for users to film and edit their own videos. Our strategy was to use a combination of influencers and TikTok’s newly released advertising tools to start a viral craze based on Dilly Socks’ two-for-one offer. A link in the adverts and the brand’s profile took users straight to Dilly Socks’ webstore where they could take advantage of the offer.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign played out over a four-week period on TikTok. An initial two-week phase built awareness of the challenge by using a combination of TikTok’s advertising tools (newly released in Switzerland) and collaborations with eight Swiss influencers. The coordinated launch meant the hashtag #dillygallopchallenge quickly gained traction on TikTok’s algorithm to start trending and reach the maximum possible number of users. A second two-week phase focussed on conversion, using videolink adverts that enabled users to click through to Dilly Sock’s webstore. A competition to win a surprise pack of socks further incentivised participation in the challenge. The videolink adverts were initially focussed on Dilly Socks’ main markets of Switzerland, Germany and Austria before being broadened out to new markets including the UK, USA, Australia and Russia. “Do the Silly Walk”, the challenge soundtrack, was released on the day of the challenge’s launch and made available on all streaming platforms.

List the results (30% of vote)

The #Dillygallopchallenge succeed in establishing Dilly Socks among the campaign’s young, fashion-conscious audience: • In its four-week run, the campaign earned the brand more than 10,800 followers on TikTok and a direct line to this new and younger audience in the future. • The brand’s own challenge videos were viewed over 12,5 million times and received over 300,000 likes. • Traffic to Dilly Sock’s online store increased 25% throughout the campaign. • The campaign song, “Do the Dilly Walk”, was picked up by DJs on Twitch and continues to be streamed on various music platforms.