2021 Social & Influencer


Product/ServiceOLD SPICE
Category C03. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Madrid, SPAIN
Production LEO BURNETT Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Gastón Guetmonovitch Leo Burnett Madrid Chief Creative Officer
Juan Frias Leo Burnett Madrid Head of Art
Juan Frias Leo Burnett Madrid Creative Director
Carlos Mañas Leo Burnett Madrid Creative Director
Sara Alonso Freelance Illustrator
Alejandro Lopez Leo Burnett Madrid Community Manager
Vallivana Gallart Leo Burnett Madrid Designer
Marcos Romero Leo Burnett Madrid Copywriter
Alejandro Alvarez Leo Burnett Madrid Copywriter
Rodrigo Sevilla Leo Burnett Madrid Art Director
Santiago Schiappacasse Leo Burnett Madrid Art Director
Pedro Garcia Leo Burnett Madrid Head of print
Cristian Coca Leo Burnett Madrid Graphic Production

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

"The Most Epic Seafaring Legend Ever Told" is a story co-created together with 1500 instagram users on Old Spice´s stories, using polls, direct messages and even sending pictures. The result is an e-book that lives on Stories and an audiobook that lives on IGTV.


How can we make people understand how epic the new Old Spice Captain makes you smell if there is nothing we can compare its fresh sea-inspired smell with? And how can we do this and generate engagement at the same time?

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

The new Old Spice Captain makes you smell so fresh and epic, that there was nothing in the sea that we could compare it with to explain its smell. So, we had to create that something: THE MOST EPIC SEAFARING LEGEND EVER TOLD The quest of a man trying to get back the arm that a sea beast took from him. During 1 month, we co-created this story together with 1500 instagram users. It was written and illustrated as events unfolded, deciding from the name of the characters and ships, to how it ended, and even putting voice to the characters by sending audio messages or also giving a face to some characters. In the end, 10 episodes were created. This e-book also became an audiobook that can be listened on Old Spice´s IGTV (@OldSpice_es) and then an epic painting that shows all chapters together in one piece.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Old Spice´s followers are really active and interact with the brand everyday on its social channels. They are mostly young male adults (18-35) that love to joke around. They are always trying to become part of the brand. So we gave them the perfect excuse to do it. Additionally we wanted them to try the new Old Spice Captain, so an Old Spice Kit was raffled among the participants of every poll or request. This allowed the brand to retarget with promos after the campaign. So we engaged them in the creation of the first brand story in Spain, giving them the chance to really be protagonists and making them understand that if they used Old Spice Captain they would smell as epic as if they had lived The Most Epic Seafaring Legend Ever Told.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The creation of the story took one month, beggining 1st of July. 2 episodes were created per week and at the end of it there was a poll or request that made users decide how it should continue. In between chapters there were other polls or requests that would be taken in consideration further in the story. After each chapter was finished it was illustrated according to the decision of the users and released the following week. Each chapter was connected to the previous one forming one big illustration Once the whole story was finished, it was recorded to become an audiobook containing the voices and decisions made by the users and then it was released on IGTV so it could be spread through the seven seas of internet.

List the results (30% of vote)

It got to 1500 active users organically and generated 12000 interactions, and followers raised +15% during the campaign. Total brand sales increased 3%.