2021 Social & Influencer


Category C02. Innovative Use of Influencers
Media Placement FARNER PR Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Production 2 360WEARE Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Stéphanie Anne Kebeiks RoadCross Schweiz Client
Mike Egle RoadCross Schweiz Client
Patrizia Koller RoadCross Schweiz Client
Philipp Skrabal Farner Consulting AG Agency
Jill-Nadine Reuvener Farner Consulting AG Agency
Bruce Roberts Farner Consulting AG Agency
Jonas Brändli Farner Consulting AG Agency
Mathias Kröbl Farner Consulting AG Agency
Lea Schindler Farner Consulting AG Agency
Martin Hofer Farner Consulting AG Agency
Constanze Fristensky Farner Consulting AG Agency
Lisa Widmer Farner Consulting AG Agency
Jill-Nadine Reuvener Farner Consulting AG Agency
Pedro Velasquez Farner Consulting AG Agency
Ennio Cadau Farner Consulting AG Agency
Vincent Dixon Vincent Dixon Photogrpahy Photos
Peter van de Riet Hyperculture Illustrations
Laetitia Delangle FeelGood Creative Retouching
Anton Yevstafiev FeelGood Creative Retouching
Ceng Dirlik Farner Consulting AG Agency
Sibylle de Marin de Carranrais Farner Consulting AG Agency
Andreas Rageth Farner Consulting AG Agency
Lukas Günter Farner Consulting AG Agency
Alina Leiendecker Farner Consulting AG Agency
Aven Lim Farner Consulting AG Agency

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

The idea is fully based on earned reach and on unconventional cocreation with influencers (unpaid). Distraction due to smartphones has replaced drunken driving as the number 1 reason for serious traffic accidents. Nobody has more credibility to warn the Gen Z than the most popular Swiss influencers. With our SMOMBIE filter we gave the Influencers and the whole target group an exciting element to share and play with.


Smartphones are the lifeline for Generation Z. It links them with everything that’s dear to them. But the fear of missing out triggers them to check it 85 times a day, no matter where. With dire consequences. Distraction due to smartphones has replaced drunken driving as the number 1 reason for serious traffic accidents. The goal of the campaign was to make the target group aware of the dangers and to make them think.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Nobody has more credibility with the target group than influencers and no influencer wants to lose a follower due to an accident. With this message, we convinced 22 top Swiss influencers to participate in our campaign – for free. As a next step, we developed an AR filter for them and their stories. The SMOMBIE Filter – an AR filter with a shocking twist. Once you film yourself with it and turn your head to the side, the effect comes into play. Screeching tyres sounds, the screen shatters and our warning message appears. Thanks to the influencers' stories, we had maximum impact on our target group and zero wastage. The filter and the campaign made it to the mainstream media.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Gen Z is one of the most difficult audiences to reach and there are only a few channels where we can get to them. We decided to use Instagram and Facebook stories and created a custom filter in order to emphasize on the engagement with the topic. The campaign received a co-creative element to leverage. To give the Filter a boost we asked the top 22 influencers in Switzerland to use the filter to produce and post their own authentic safety message to their followers.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We reached our young target audience by utilizing their medium of trust (Insta-stories), thus letting them carry the message peer-to-peer instead of lecturing them about safety. The AR filter made it possible to co-create, which gave it even more credibility. Thanks to the amplification by the 22 influencers, the message was spread fast and the AR filter became popular, even mainstream media was covering it broadly. Scale: 22 influencer created 22 Instagram/ Facebook stories with a total reach of 3.3 million followers (Target audience: 918’065 people in Switzerland between the ages of 16 to 25 years)

List the results (30% of vote)

22 of Switzerland top influencers participated for free and created 22 Instagram Stories using our AR filter Earned Reach Influencers: 3.3 Mio followers (per December 31, 2020 918'065 people between the ages of 16 to 25 lived in Switzerland) 62 media mentions among it a national primetime TV broadcast (10vor10) . Reach media: 4.3 Mio Media equivalent value: CHF 473k