2021 Social & Influencer


Category C03. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Idea Creation BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Production THE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed-Chérif Buzzman President & Executive Creative Director
Thomas Granger Buzzman Vice - President
Julien Levilain Buzzman Managing Director
Philippe Boucheron Buzzman Creative Director
Patrice Lucet Buzzman Creative Director
Margaux Hontang Buzzman Art Director
Melvin Berréhouc Buzzman Copywriter
Clément Chagnaud Buzzman Account Director
Pauline Lovo Buzzman Account Executive
Julien Scaglione Buzzman Head of Social Media
Claire Da Cunha Vaz Buzzman Social Media Art Director
Clément Aubin Buzzman Social Media Manager
Rémi Esturoune Buzzman Social Media Manager
Camille Guivarch Buzzman Community Manager
Amélie Juillet Buzzman Head of PR & Communication
Paul Renaudineau Buzzman PR & Communication Manager
Vanessa Barbel Buzzman Head of Production
May Pham Buzzman Production
Théo Berdrin Buzzman Lead Motion Designer
Tess Rozo Buzzman Motion Designer

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

Because that campaign couldn't have existed without both Social and Influencers. Social media plateforms are where the Gen Z is, where they get entertainment and information. Looking to get their attention, we have adapted our campaign including both static and video contents to blend in with what they like, comment and share. Ever had to talk about sex or pornography with you're parents ? Your biology teacher ? Feels wierd... Influencers are the most relevant to arouse young people to take part in the challenge because of the poximity and the impact they have on their communities.


EDEN GEN is a condom brand from Majorelle, a laboratory specialized in sexual and public health issues. Majorelle launched EDEN in 2018, first male condom reimbursable at 60% by health insurance, in the prevention of 8 STIs. Launching the EDEN GEN brand in 2021, it intends to pursue its commitment with its 1st range of free access condoms for 15-25 year olds. A brand that chooses to target youth but without offering a different product. It is therefore through its positioning and its mission that it will reach its target: demystifying prejudices about sex to support youth in their first steps in sexuality. To succeed, the brand needs a strong spotlight to increase notoriety without being able to rely on a traditionnal media campaign. In September, it's launching its first major campaign tackling a significant public health theme: pornography and its impact on young people.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

In France, 44% of young people say they re-enact in bed the scenes they have watched in porn films. Crude, brutal and often sexist, these pictures offer a poor depiction of sexual intercourse. But when you're a teenager, you tend to believe what you see. It might lead to a bad conception of sex and sexuality which can be problematic during the first experiences and cause gaps, complexes, mimicry and uncertainties. This is why in September 2021, EDEN Gen is launching an unprecedented movement : "Sextember, a month without porn to discover sex differently". For 1 month, as for the "Dry January" and the "Mois sans tabac", we would trigger young people to abstain from pornography and provide them with contents that deconstruct in a fun way the received ideas conveyed by porn and pornographic culture.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The strategy behind Sextember has risen from the mistrust of young people towards traditional advertising. Sextember is presented as a movement, as a challenge that teenagers are more likely to adopt as they do all the time on their favourite social platforms. Content speaking, all of our productions are inspired by "Memes" chosen to blend in with the content that they like, comment and share among them day after day. Media speaking, there is a large bid placed on influence. Aside from traditional advertising, influencers, stars of the Gen Z, are the most qualified to arouse young people to take part in the challenge using true recommandations based on their own experiences.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Sextember started in august 2021 through a PR phase unveiling the name and concept to get people's attention. The challenge really began in September with: - a campaign of visuals and videos visible on social medias, billboards and among healthcare professionals tackling prejudices that young people have about sex. - a website, as a convergence point for the entire media campaign, which brings together films, visuals and audio contents dealing without concessions with sexuality. - a Google Chrome extension which blocks access to pornographic websites. - a massive influencer network on TikTok and Instagram with 14 profiles averaging 800k subscribers. - Dedicated Instagram and Tiktok accounts putting forward tips from sex therapists and Q&A sessions. - a Tiktok challenge asking people to eroticize everyday scenes to show the power of imagination. - a partnership with a former porn actress, Céline Tran (Katsuni), who discovers and reacts to the campaign posters.

List the results (30% of vote)

+ 250M impressions. + 125k visitors on the website. + More than 11,700 participants (an excellent registration rate around 10%) +100 press coverage in emblematic national media in television, radio, press and website which seized on the phenomenon. +1M interactions across all of our Instagram and tiktok communications.