Category I07. Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
Idea Creation WE ARE SOCIAL Milan, ITALY
Production OCHURUS! Bogotá, COLOMBIA
Name Company Position
Alessandro Sciarpelletti We Are Social Executive Creative Director
Daniele Piazza We Are Social Executive Creative Director
Paulo Cesar Gonzalez Barrios We Are Social Associate Creative Director
Mattia Lacchini We Are Social Associate Creative Director
Miguel Lima We Are Social Group Account Director
Paola Tonetti We Are Social Account Director
Camilla Beghi We Are Social Account Executive
Camilla Beghi We Are Social Account Executive
Camilla Beghi We Are Social Account Executive
Luigi Muraro We Are Social Art Director
Giusseppe Schiavone We Are Social Senior Editor
Alisha Merkle We Are Social Writer
Alessandra Novarini We Are Social Writer
Ilaria Marittimo We Are Social Writer
Andrea Grieco We Are Social Content Specialist
Giulia Camera We Are Social Agency Producer
Dario Seppe We Are Social Content Specialist


Lavazza is one of the top global coffee brands. The brief was very clear: To communicate the brand's commitment on different social areas: sustainability, helping coffee growers in developing countries and women empowerment.

Describe the strategy

The strategy was to convey the brand's message in a new way and through an unexpected media. We found that Amazon Prime Video is a media that grows every day in the Lavazza's main markets: (Italy, UK, USA, Germany). At the same time we found a powerful story of one of the farmers working in the coffee fields of Colombia: Johana, and we thought that her story had the potential to become a documentary. We looked for a local director known globally in the cinema world and we found Oscar Ruiz Navia and we gave him the freedom to develop Johana's story in a cinematic and non-commercial way. This meant that for the first time it was our target looking for us and not us looking for our target.

Describe the execution

“Coffee Defenders: A Path from Coca to Coffee” is a docufilm that highlights the journey of Johana, a Colombian coffee farmer, and Alexandra, an award-winning reporter, as they make their way from Colombia to Costa Rica. Together, they bring one of Johana’s coffee seedlings to one of the most important coffee collections in the world, where it will live forever as a symbol of rebirth on behalf of her entire region. The film was launched June 5 on Amazon Prime Video, available in the UK, the USA, Italy and Germany, later distributed in more than 25 Lavazza country markets. With the documentary, Lavazza demonstrates its commitment to social good in a new way, turning institutional communication into entertainment for a larger audience.

List the results

140 M Reach. 92% Positive Sentiment. 197,000 hours streamed and counting.

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

The Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation, founded in 2004, promotes and implements economic, social and environmental sustainability. The Foundation helps coffee producers globally improve the yield and quality of their products through agricultural best practices and entrepreneurial skill development. Together with Carcafè, Lavazza helps 100 local farmers, like Johana, in Meta, Colombia rebuild their lives through sustainable coffee production after the peace agreement.