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Idea Creation BITMAMA REPLY Turin, ITALY
Post Production BITMAMA REPLY Turin, ITALY
Name Company Position
Nicola Gotti Bitmama Reply Executive Creative Director
Erika Mameli Bitmama Reply Creative Director
Matteo Tassone Bitmama Reply Head of Strategy
Mattia Bulagna Bitmama Reply Senior Art Director
Chiara Taddei Bitmama Reply Copywriter
Claudia Pardo Bitmama Reply Junior Art Director
Elena Loro Bitmama Reply Social Media Strategist
Ethiopia Abiye Bitmama Reply Client Service Director
Fabio Colacino Bitmama Reply Account Manager
Priscilla Santinelli Borotalco.tv Direction
Matteo Stefani Borotalco.tv Executive Producer


Situation: Saugella has always been a brand with a strong scientific character. but in 2020 its positioning has changed to empathize more with the target by communicating in an emotional way. Brief Building a brand equity able to celebrate women allowing Saugella to be more relevant in the life of its customers. Objectives Getting more intimate with customers, engaging and educating them about Saugella's product specificites.

Describe the strategy

Target audience Saugella wants to appeal a more meaningful message to different types of women from the youngest to the more mature targeting a 12-64 age group. Relevance to platform Our strategy is based on the fully native digital concept "Femminile Singolare" born to be relevant for different women and to reach different targets through social channels. The digital potential of Femminile Singolare also lies in the relavance of the issues for Saugella audiences based on inclusion and empowerment. Approach We created a new brand grammar with the paradigm “Femminile Singolare” and we gave life to a powerful digital strategy celebrating being woman from different points of view. The “Femminile Singolare” copy strategy allows the brand to tell the infinite facets of the women universe starting conversations about woman role and also putting on a stand the specificity of the product in an educational way.

Describe the execution

Implementation We created a varied and articulated strategy by leveraging the full potential of the digital touchpoints. - A one-minute movie: an emotional and intense storytelling which using virtuous filmmaking techniques and 8d audio engages and wraps the user, creating a true intimacy dimension. - Four 15-seconds short videos, each using a different “Femminile Singolare” adjective to redefine the femininity. - An always-on social strategy interpreting the most discussed topic through the “Femminile Singolare” lenses. Timeline Always-on strategy on social media starts at the begining of 2020 and will continue in 2021 while the emotional campaign went online between June 2020 and September 2020. Placement Femminile Singolare spreads its message all over the social ecosystem: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

List the results

Reach: 17.795.801 Impressions: 47.655.440 Views 25%: 4.548.713 Post engagement: 2.800.984