Category D04. Brand / Product Video
Idea Creation SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement PHD Moscow, RUSSIA
Production SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Yury Samoylenko Volkswagen Russia Marketing Director
Ivan Volokh Volkswagen Russia Digital Manager
Diana Korobeinikova Volkswagen Russia Marketing manager
Maria Smirnova Volkswagen Russia Brand Strategy and Communication team lead
Emma Trifonova Volkswagen Russia Marketing Manager
Genrih Kagramanyan SEVEN Account Director
Liliya Valiulina SEVEN Senior Account Manager
Anastasia Sovashchenko Individual entrepreneur Anastasia Olegovna Sovashchenko Producer
Alexey Leybovich SEVEN Creative Director
Denis Bushuev SEVEN Creative Group Head
Anton Karkov SEVEN Creative Group Head
Nika Guseynova SEVEN Copywriter
Kirill Artemiev PHD Account Director
Daria Paroshina PHD Digital Group Head


• While Situation POLO is the flagship of Volkswagen Russia, amounting to 55% of its portfolio, the model’s previous generation is 10 years old. The segment is seeing intense competition from Korean brands, which offer more frequent updates and appeal to a younger audience. The average Polo buyer used to be 44 years old. The main image was of reliability and German quality. The New Polo is more stylish, innovative, and tech-focused. The key challenge is to draw in a new audience without losing loyal customers, • Brief: Create a fresh new digital project and draw younger people, to whom Polo would traditionally appear boring and not modern enough. • Objectives: Expanding the target audience, changing perceptions of Polo, creating a buzz around the launch

Describe the strategy

We focused on the young adult audience (aged 25–34), who are the modern consumer generation. For them, not only the car quality is important, but also flashy appearance, ergonomics, technology and innovation. They approach the choice of car consciously, follow trends, get inspired, are emotional and sensitive, love freedom. Social networks and video content are key media tools for working with young audiences. Therefore, we used Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte (local Facebook competitor) and TikTok. For users aged 25–34, online video viewing makes up 28% of daily online media consumption. YouTube is the leading platform, reaching 45% of the Russian population monthly. Social networks are in second place at 20%. Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte are the top 4, at 72%, 56% and 42%. In 2020, TikTok showed the highest growth rate in installations among social networks and messengers. Its share of the 25–34 audience is 25%.

Describe the execution

The film plays on words. In Russian, “All is predestined by your gender“ (Vsyo zavisit ot pola) and “All is predestined by (Volkswagen) Polo” (Vsyo zavisit ot polo). The Russian letter “o,” as in Polo, when unstressed, is pronounced the same as “a.” Hence the pun. The narration has double meaning: it references both gender stereotypes and car slang that highlights new features of Volkswagen Polo, such as rear view cameras (for not overusing mirrors and parking with less gear-switching), LED lights, seasonal tire changes, power, striking design, etc. 6-second, 15-second, and 1-minute videos were prepared for the ad campaign. The 15-second and 1-minute videos were promoted on YouTube with TrueView in-Stream. The Entertainment, Psychology & Self-Development, Car Lovers, and Remarketing Teasers segments were used (Bumper ads of 6 sec. video). At the same time, seeding in thematic communities and support with advertising formats in social networks were activated.

List the results

We received more than 18.5 million views across all digital channels, which is 3.4 times higher than average indicators for product videos. The cost of video views on YouTube was 53% lower than average for model campaigns. Also, average view rate was 94%, which is 1.5 times higher than average on the channel. On the official YouTube channel of Volkswagen Russia, our video caused a positive reaction: 1,400 likes, which is 10 times higher than average for product videos on the brand's channel. After the campaign, organic traffic to the new Volkswagen Polo website increased by 120%, while traffic from the 18–24 and 25–34 audience segments increased by 133% and 69%. For comparison, the launch of another VW car in 2020 increased the volume of organic traffic to the site for a similar target segment by 50%.