Category E06. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Idea Creation INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Production INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Agency: Roman & Yaroslav / Antonina & Evgeny / Elena / Marina / Irina / Anna. Client: Inna / Anna / Olya / Yulia Agency: Firainer & Orlov / Pirogova & Golovan / Kravchenko / Vershinina / Gornova / Za Agency: Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct / Instinct. Client: IKEA Russia / IKEA Russia / IKEA Russia / IKEA Russia Agency: Creative Directors / Associate Creative Directors / Creative Designer / Client Service Director / Group Account Director / Strategic Planning Director. Client: Marketing Manager / Marketing Co


Background: Self-isolation during COVID-19 and quarantine put a lot of pressure on parents pto be teacher, disciplinarian, friend, and everything else. Parents were running out of ideas to keep kids entertained within four walls. Brief: Suggest easy, affordable and creative ways to help change-up playtime for many families staying within four walls during the lock down. Objectives: Inspire as many people as possible with the idea how to spend more quality time with the little ones and have fun with what one already has, create word-of-mouth and stimulate “the movement”.

Describe the strategy

According to the consumer research data, nostalgia was very definitely in the air during the lock down, as people stayed at home and reminisced about different times. When the world outside is a dumpster fire, what’s better than making a big fort in your house and hunkering down for the day as many of today’s parents did in their childhood looking for feeling comfort and safe. Target audience: parents of school-age kids, those who had to stay with their kids 24/7 at home replacing all activities of pre-COVID times with home-based activities and entertainment. Relevance to platform: Instagram. Approach: IKEA released six illustrated instruction manuals on Instagram for building a series of at-home forts using some of its most popular offerings like tables, chairs, couches, blankets, comforters, pillows, hangers, string lights and more.

Describe the execution

Implementation: Each at-home fort design mimicked the visual guides of a traditional IKEA black and white instruction manual showing a list of items one'll need to create the fort, as well as a drawing of the final result. Timeline: 1 post in IKEA social media in May, 2020, 6 weeks. Placement: IKEA social media channels. Scale: National.

List the results

• Reach: 1.6 million people; • Engagement: 144 user’s photos with at-home forts implementations just in 4 days since the start of the campaign, thousands of photos till the end of it from all around the world; • Sales: not applicable as the objective of the campaign was to entertain and emotionally support IKEA lovers who have been locked at their homes during quarantine; • Achievement against business targets: with zero budget for production and media placement we have received +139% in reach, +391% in interactions enormous response from consumers with their photos, local and international media mentions of IKEA campaign (150 publications), Media OTS was 1 230 858 748.