Category B02. Web Service / App
Entrant GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production DVA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company RAMBOLL SVERIGE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Joakim Landin Garbergs Account Director
Malin Boustedt Garbergs Account Manager
Fredrik Sundqvist Garbergs Copywriter
Ine Bryhn Garbergs Art Director
Mattias Alfborger Garbergs Art Director
Lowe Steiner Garbergs Designer
Maja Nylund Garbergs Motion Designer
Linus Almqvist Ramboll Communications Manager
Karin Nedersjö Ramboll Brand Manager
Mario Frost Ramboll Web Manager
Boel Bengtsson Ramboll PR Co-ordinator
Johan Anstérus DVA Studio Producer
Marcus Wård DVA Studio Creative Technologist
Anna Adamsson DVA Studio Executive Producer
Gabriel Shock DVA Studio Photographer


Ramboll is an engineering, architecture and consultancy company. They are active on a market that is highly competitive. The key to get invited to the big procurements and winning the big assignments is to have a strong brand and to be able to consistently attract the right skills and talents – the foremost engineers on the market. The challenge for Ramboll was that their brand awareness in Sweden was low and unclear. In order to attract clients and talents, they would have to strengthen their brand and become more visible among both prospective clients and engineering talents. They also had to start showing that they had the will and competence to address the challenges of today and the future. Especially challenges within the area of environment and sustainability.

Describe the strategy

Instead of telling clients and engineers what they should think of Ramboll, we inspired the target groups with an innovation that showed how engineering through creative gathering of data and smart use of data could make a real difference in today's society. Through data interpretation and creative use of data we could create an innovative service that sparked a vital debate about air quality in Swedish cities. From being a relatively unknown company with an unclear image, Ramboll was invited to the morning shows on TV to talk about air quality and sustainability. The newfound brand awareness came with incredible results, the view of Ramboll's expertise and competence increased from 33% to 46%. The link between Ramboll and sustainability increased from 23% to 43%. Number of spontaneous job applications increased by as much as 532% and concrete business leads increased with 902%.

Describe the execution

Air pollution in the form of microscopic particles and volatile gases can't be seen with the naked eye, and what you can't see, you can't avoid. To strengthen Ramboll's brand in the eyes of clients, procurers and aspiring engineers, we decided to show the goodness and greatness that can come out of engineering. We decided to develop a digital tool that addresses one of the great issues of our time - the air we breathe. Happy Commuter is a technological innovation that brings together air quality data, meteorological data, satellite data and traffic data in real time. The tool then translates these data points into an air quality index that can be applied hyperlocally along any routes in Google Maps. This means anyone can now find out which bike path or walking path that has the cleanest air at this very moment – allowing people to choose what they breathe.

List the results

The innovative service sparked a vital debate about air quality in Swedish cities. From being a relatively unknown company with an unclear image, Ramboll was invited to morning shows on TV to talk about air quality and sustainability – both national media and industry media paid attention to the initiative. Happy Commuter increased Ramboll's brand awareness with 430,000 people in just one year. This is a record increase equivalent to more than 4% of the entire Swedish population. The increase in brand awareness had a strong impact on engineers. Job applications for advertised positions at Ramboll increased by as much as 126% and spontaneous job applications increased by as much as 532%. Ramboll's sales grew by 11.1% in 2019 and profitability increased by 31%. Ramboll climbed seven placements, from place 20 to place 13, on the Universe's annual ranking of greatest places to work.