Category I05. Cultural Insight
Name Company Position
Attila Haberland Artificial Group Kft. Head of Creative Management
Gergő Horváth Artificial Group Kft. Creative Director
"Gróf " Pál Baki Artificial Group Kft. Head of Art
Nóra Judit Kovács Artificial Group Kft. Senior Copywriter
Ervin Haránt Artificial Group Kft. Illustrator
Imola Kaszta Artificial Group Kft. Account Director
Lilla Barta Artificial Group Kft. Account Manager
Zsófia Englert Artificial Group Kft. Head of Production
Eszter Károly Artificial Group Kft. Production Manager
Henrik Horváth Artificial Group Kft. Junior Copywriter
Csaba Ibos Artificial Group Kft. Graphic Designer
Péter Tiba Artificial Group Kft. Senior Motion Designer
Lili Donka Artificial Group Kft. Digital Account Director
Lídia Gulyás Artificial Group Kft. Digital Content Creative


Mobile network communication on the Hungarian market is all about numbers: who has the biggest coverage, who has the fastest mobile network. The disappointing fact is that people do not care much about these facts. Because who cares that there is a 4G in the middle of the forest, when he/she never leaves the city and who can tell the difference between 3G, 4G and 5G? When Telenor as one of the biggest operator on the market wanted to differentiate itself with its network we had to find a brand new approach to deliver our message to the people.

Describe the strategy

Our aim was to stop this negative tendency and turn local people into a proud local patriots by inviting them to discover their own city once again. With the help of our network of course.

Describe the execution

We created the first ever interactive tour guide chatbot, which was not made for tourists but specifically for locals. We collected long forgotten anecdotes, hidden street art spots, interesting and surprising facts and stories and turned them into a 2 hours long walking tours. With only having your phone in your hand and using Facebook messenger you could discover a hidden exciting side of your own city: we created hundreds of hours of audio guides, dozens of gifs, illustrations and photos to make your tour a really interactive and entertaining experience. The initiative quickly raised the attention of the media and made the Chatcsovery project to a nationwide well known phenomena celebrating the innovative usage of Telenor’s network. Other cities from the countryside also joined and created their own tour guides.

List the results

Nr. Of people participated at least one of our tours: 48.000 Total reach: 3.400.000 Free PR: 30.000 EUR Cities joined to the program after launching our campaign: 4

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Budapest got one of the most popular tourist destination on the world. Millions of tourists are visiting the city every year which is good for the economy, but the locals are not that happy anymore. They lost their connection with their own hometown and they somehow feel that this city does not belong to them anymore.