Product/ServiceWIND ENERGY
Category G02. Spatial Tech
Idea Creation PARTNERS Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Tomás Froes Partners CEO
Ivo Purvis Partners Executive Creative Director
Gil Correia Partners Digital Creative Director
Vasco Thomaz Partners Creative Director
André Sentieiro Partners Creative Director
João Pereira Partners Strategy
Tânia Carmo Partners Account Manager


In an international competition (Saffron, Totem and Superunion and Partners) it was requested to create an identity for the launch of a joint venture between EDP Renováveis and ENGIE, an innovative company specialized in offshore wind energy with the vision of being a global leader. One of the requirements, was that the new brand and visual identity should reflect the vision and positioning of this new company, as well as the innovative nature of this joint venture and the offshore market itself.

Describe the strategy

Since the company would operate on generating offshore wind energy, the strategy was to create a brand with a positioning that would clearly show it's unquestionable knowhow regarding the wind. More than evoke its offshore wind relation, the brand should be part of it. The strategy was to try and identify in the wind's sounds if there was a pattern that repeated itself. This would be considered the wind's intention and thus the brand's name. This enabled us to position a new brand as the real deal when it comes to offshore wind energy production. A more than obvious know-how of how the wind works, operates and speaks.

Describe the execution

We decided that better than us and that any creative, it would be the wind that decides the creative way forward. We then created a new technology in collaboration with sound engineers and scientists to record and interpret the wind's voice, translate it and convert it. The data was analyzed by a neural network and transformed into written language. A microphone captured the voice of the wind and the data was analyzed by a neural network and transformed into written language. Then we went to the company's platform in the middle of the ocean to listen to what the wind had to say. For 24 hours we heard his whispers. The most frequently detected response was the letter string “OW”, later converted into the name “Ocean Winds”, the first brand in the world created using the sound of the ocean wind.

List the results

This was not a case that aspired to achieve quantitative results. The idea was to shake things up in a traditionally boring b2b environment. A new brand that more than provide a technical service, would be part of what it sells. The result was the first brand in the world created using the sound of the wind. A brand that is made from the source from which it will produce its product - energy. A brand that opens doors for new creative ways to think a brand and its name and architecture.