Category E05. Influencer / Talent
Idea Creation LA RED Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement LA RED Hamburg, GERMANY
Production LA RED Hamburg, GERMANY
Post Production LA RED Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jan Hellberg la red GmbH Executive Creative Director
Sven Springer la red GmbH Managing Director
Gregor Meyer la red GmbH Account Director
Nicolas Molès la red GmbH Creative Director
Lilli Kahana la red GmbH Senior Concept
Andreas Stanitzek la red GmbH Concept
Tony Pfeifruck la red GmbH Media Director
Pascal Kerouche Freelance Director
Christoph Szulecki Freelance Director Of Photography


How do you recognize real success as a brand? By the fact that you no longer advertise – but are part of the scene. Jägermeister has been in the hip hop business for years. In 2019, the purpose was to further consolidate this standing. Our briefing was to address a new, young target group and to generate brand awareness and especially traffic for the Jägermeister online shop.

Describe the strategy

Rap has become the most popular music genre in Germany – especially amongst our target group aged 18-39. Therefore, it was strategically important for the Influencer selection to work with a well-known artist from the hip-hop scene. We joined forces with German top rapper Summer Cem and found an innovative approach, for a track release unlike any other. The idea – forget classic product placement: We do not let the bottle take place in the video, but the video on the bottle. Because of the nature of the creative idea, the artist became one with the product and the product itself part of the story, helping the brand travel further and faster and become part of the creation in an organic way.

Describe the execution

We designed 756 unique laser bottles, which through stop motion created one unique music video: Summer Cem’s performance on the iconic Jägermeister bottle. What makes the track extraordinary is a new kind of brand integration: The product is not subtly placed inside the video but is just as much the star of the performance as the artist. We teased the track on Instagram and Facebook – on the artist’s channels as well as our own. The hype began the moment the video dropped: The fans embraced the track, but they also celebrated the co-creation with Jägermeister. In the end, we took it even further: We gave back to the fans by making the original bottles from the shoot available in our online shop. 756 unique pieces of the video and 756 unique frames of Summer Cem – up for grabs the moment the video dropped.

List the results

With BOTTLE TRACK we created an influencer campaign whose content was so relevant to the target group that it was not perceived by them as sponsored content - but as creation. Within 15 minutes after the launch of the limited edition all 756 bottles were sold out. The video generated over 9 million plays, 5.825.355 reach and 14.976.968 impressions. Additionally, several popular rappers shared the track on their social media channels, tagging not only the artist, but us as well. The track also reached number 9 in the Spotify charts, number 16 in the official German charts and number 6 in the YouTube trends. A market research study showed a 34% increase of brand relevance among the target group (18-39). The study also indicated a rise of 31% in the direct association between the Jägermeister brand and the Hip Hop genre. One new milestone for Jägermeister: From fans to friends.