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Idea Creation DRIVE GmbH & CO. KG Hannover, GERMANY
Production DRIVE GmbH & CO. KG Hannover, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Stephan Probst Drive GmbH & Co. KG Managing Director
Cristina Carbonell Drive GmbH & Co. KG Graphic Designer
Claas Beuke Drive GmbH & Co. KG Account Supervisor
Simon Domberg Drive GmbH & Co. KG Conceptionist


The Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen is the service provider in the healthcare sector. Customers are accompanied and advised by the billing center throughout the entire billing process. We are pleased to have completed the relaunch of the website and two online portals with the billing center on time out of our Home-Office in times of Covid-19. With the relaunch of the new website and portal, the aim is to be able to offer the user the most appealing content architecture possible, which optimally serves his needs in terms of information and knowledge acquisition or the use of online services via web application. At the same time, however, the content also transports the image of the respective website and the associated institution, which is why these should also match the respective philosophy, brand values and other characteristics.

Describe the strategy

Briefing from client, data analysis from matomo tool of client. Target audience: - Statutory health insurance companies and other parties involved in the health system - Service provider - Potential interests (recruiting) - Press and public relations We designed two different layouts. In the idea and design process, we developed two approaches, also with regard to your corporate design. The final version is darker, more unusual, takes on a technically unusual element with the reference cube and works more with the square elements and the building silhouette. In the mobile view, the cube of the final version becomes a single element and can be scrolled so that the references can be seen more clearly on the mobile device. The web design is responsive and implemented taking into account the corporate design. All illustrations, graphics and icons have been developed by Drive.

Describe the execution

Migration or the replacement process: Old Website 1. Backup and Backup copy of the current status 2. Verification of the current pages and structure for further processing 3. Securing the previous contents in one further processable text format 4. Review of the previous contents regarding performance (Content analysis) 5. Adaptation of the old pages and including elaboration of a new page structure with possibly merging of contents New Website 1. Integration of new content in new CMS 2. Test and Test loop 3. Acceptance by the customers 4. Go Live the new content Timeline 2019 and 2020: Two timelines for website and online portals. October: 3 Workshops and concept time October/November: Designs, starting SEO and content optimation November/December: Start programming website until march 2020 January 2020: Start programming portals until march 2020 March: Instruction client, testing website and portal, release time 01. Apr 2020: LAUNCH as promised

List the results

We took an equal period of 6 months before and after launch: Before | after launch: + Visitor overview: 280 | 26,871 + Bounced visitors: 26% | 28% + Actions per visit: 14,9 | 3,8 + Page views: 4.048 | 86.279 + Actions per visit: 143 | 120 --> more views, user find results quicker! We created a german (sorry, didn't finished english version yet) project website for this project: