Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement RE-MIND PHD FRANCE Paris, FRANCE
Production ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Post Production ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles Fichteberg Rosapark Founder


ŠKODA's problem is one of conquest. ŠKODA suffers the consequences of a deep perception/reality gap. On the one hand, there are our current customers, few in number, who perceive the qualities of the brand: 95% have consideration for ŠKODA and 68% see it as a 1st choice. On the other hand, prospects: only 6% have consideration for ŠKODA, worse, only 1% see it as a 1st choice. Rather than going to find those who already like us, our priority is to find those who do not like us yet. A more difficult, but necessary step. ŠKODA has been perceived for several years as one of the most rational brands in the sector. In order to continue to win new customers, we must be able to convince them of the brand's uplifts. And the best proof of this are innovations, what the brand calls simply clever ideas.

Describe the strategy

If there is one thing that characterizes the way ŠKODA does its business, it is simply clever ideas. It breathes into its vehicles a thousand small innovations, not revolutionary, but clever and useful, designed for the daily life of a driver and its passengers: virtual pedal to open the trunk, safety belt for dogs... While browsing through the catalog dedicated to these innovations, we focus on one in particular: the key that memorizes the driver's profile (seat adjustment, mirrors, temperature, favorite radio...). Immediately, we see a powerful emotional insight and therefore the communication opportunity behind it: how frustrating it is to get behind the wheel of a car following someone smaller or taller than yourself and have to waste precious minutes adjusting, among other things, the seat and mirrors.... We've all experienced this moment and we can see the potential for everyone to project themselves into it.

Describe the execution

We made sure to create a social kick off for a few days, a very strong sounding board to make the campaign go viral. In social media, the film was also publicized on Facebook and Instagram in order to obtain an optimized coverage. And, this also allowed us to strongly engage various targets, as the projected universe is intergenerational. In social media, our idea was to pull the thread of the film in an ultra-playful way to extend the experience of the film to Internet users, while giving them control. Find the blue van by putting yourself in the place of good old Will&Chuck! We created something that had never been done before, a mini-game of car chase on Google Street View. The audience had to search the area of Los Angeles shown in the film for the bundles of cash abandoned by the van on the run.

List the results

Media: 161K interactions 7,8% of engagement rate 12,1M of viewed videos 63 press mention 32,6M impressions 98% of positive interactions 30k players on the Google street view game Business: +10% of market share vs the month before +24% of market share vs the same period last year