Product/ServiceLION CEREALS
Category I04. Social Behaviour
Post Production HURRAH.AGENCY Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Clement Debruyne Copywriter
Julien Bogino Art Director
Yann Souverain Account Director
Mathieu Lacrouts Founder & CEO
Nathalie Bretter PR Director


For 3 years, LION Cereals France has been integrating gaming in its marketing mix in order to reach their core audience, with a strong focus on esports. But none of those events took place during the pandemic... Leaving gamers in permanent need for new forms of entertainment. We needed an engaging activation for gamers at home and get natural brand presence on platforms they use on a daily basis.

Describe the strategy

Advertising to gamers is not that simple. They are young (12-25) and tech-savy, gaming trends are evolving super fast... But in France, one game kept being streamed over and over during the lockdown period: GeoGuessr, a super accessible browser game where you get dropped on a random point on the planet on StreetView and need to find your exact location on a map. French streamers on Twitch were creating tons of content around that game and LION Cereals had to be a part of it.

Describe the execution

The brand presence was already natural in the GeoGuessr game: LION Cereals logo is a lion... And, lucky for us, there are thousands of iconic lions all over the world (real lions, statues, street art, etc.) We just had to create our very own game mode, where gamers had to find their location, starting from one of those lions. Our map has been launched the 4th of July with 5 French streamers discovering the Roar Map together on Twitch. Spoiler: They LOVED IT & kept interacting with the brand on socials during the event livetweet. A signal boost that made players from all over the world want to join the fun. As a result, the Roar map reached the "Map of the Month" milestone on the Geoguessr website, two weeks after. 4 month later, players are still trying to reach the top of the Roar Map leaderboard.

List the results

We made it into a video game for 0€ and crafted a branding initiative that has been welcomed by the streamers and their community at large : Our stream party made it to the Twitch frontpage and got French gamers craving for some LION Cereals. 200k unique viewers watched the event live on Twitch and dozens of thousands of gamers enjoyed our VODs on YouTube. In the end, the Roar Map generated more than 4.5M minutes of genuine branded content viewed. But gamers did more than just watch the event and interacted with the brand on Twitter, helping us reach 3.5M impressions with a 24.1% organic engagement rate.

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

In order to reach gamers, Twitch is the go-to website with 4.74B hours watched during the 3rd quarter of 2020. Almost 7M monthly Twitch viewers are French and had a part in this incredible number of hours watched: our national Twitch content consumption went up by 102% compared to last year. During lockdown, gamers adjusted their behavior. In the midst of the pandemic, traditional streaming took a slight hit in favor of online gathering and influencer parties where it was all about exchanging with one another. Following that trend, some games saw a surge in popularity: like Geoguessr - helping you quench your need for evasion in a pandemic-friendly way. By integrating LION Cereals in a game they love, we made Twitch streamers & viewers talk about the brand in a seamless way... using the very aggressive marketing strategy of making them have a genuine good time.