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Category I04. Social Behaviour
Idea Creation POSTMEN Kyiv, UKRAINE
Media Placement POSTMEN Kyiv, UKRAINE
Production POSTMEN Kyiv, UKRAINE
Post Production POSTMEN Kyiv, UKRAINE
Name Company Position
Yaroslav Vedmid Postmen CEO
Hanna Savchuk Postmen Account Manager
Iryna Pavlova Postmen Art Director
Luba Petrenko Postmen Creative Copywriter
Olga Mykhalets Postmen Creative Producer
Igor Bondarenko Postmen Sound Design Arrangement
Yanina Shabanova Postmen Content Manager
Maksym Shtompil Postmen Head of Web
Vlada Belau Postmen Junior Strategist


The Ukrainian Government invests millions of US dollars in art and cultural projects annually. But the audience was developing slowly and usually it's the older generation who visit even contemporary and trendy cultural and art events. In 2019, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation decided to expand the cultural audience and increase the demand for a new cultural product. To make it they decided to target youth. Objectives: - To reach 50% of Ukrainians, aged 13-35 with communication building interest to art and cultural events - To gain knowledge about the project among the target audience at 30% - To engage 50K+ young people into art communities online - To build interactive chat-bot to communicate with new art lovers daily

Describe the strategy

There is not much data on art preferences of Ukrainian youth. We made 2 quantitative polls to understand art age preferences and measure knowledge and changing art habits at the end of an active campaign. Polls showed that 80% of youth in Ukraine are interested in media arts only - music, video and photo. Still 90% of youngsters said they were willing to learn more about art. 13-35 young Ukrainians became our target to arrange their meeting with art. Ukrainian youngsters are hardly making the first step when it comes to meeting someone or something. The only place they are brave enough is Tinder. We decided to build campaigns by starting with light flirting, getting into deeper levels of engagement in social media and dating in ArtTinder - the chat-bot offering daily art content based on used preferences, reactions on content sent before and machine learning algorithm to improve efficiency.

Describe the execution

We started with a video commercial on TV and supported it with a national outdoor campaign. The creative was built around Art making the first step to youth and inviting to meet up. Social media supported TV and outdoor and built interaction via stories, quizzes and engaging audiences to join Art communities and connect to chat-bot. The Chat-bot was built on Tinder matching mechanics and converted new art lovers into hard addicts with daily content pushes, based on personal preferences and driven with machine-learning algorithms. Just in a month we executed a national campaign, which became a viral phenomenon and had a long-term effect. Even now - engaging new youngsters into Art relations.

List the results

In a month the campaign reached 7 mln youngsters with awareness building (flirting) TV commercial, 4,2 mln with OOH posters, 8 mln social media and 14 mln Youtube users were reached with interactive mechanics and building day-by-day art interests with ArtTinder chatbot. 60K+ young Ukrainians joined the official social media pages of the ArtTinder #datewithart Project. 25K+ users connected to chatbot, consuming content daily and building personal art tastes. The campaign became a social phenomenon and got into the media and news. #artdating hashtag became viral with thousands of publications.

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Young people don’t want to take the first step. Some young people claim that they do not have time for new engagements, but usually it’s because of their insecurity and shyness. We knew only one place where young people were more confident to get to know each other - Tinder. So we built a flirting art promotion campaign with Tinder mechanics used when it got to serious involvement. That’s how ArtTinder emerged and #artdating infected the country.