Category I04. Social Behaviour
Idea Creation EHRENSTRAHLE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Johan De Cal Ehrenstråhle Copywriter
Zeynep Sahin Ehrenstråhle Creative Lead
Jenny Wikman Ehrenstråhle Business Director
Marie Molander Ehrenstråhle Account Manager
Andreas Silverblad Ehrenstråhle Design Director
Simon Sehlén Ehrenstråhle Designer
Fanny Vickius Ehrenstråhle Digital Designer
Erika Lindblom Ehrenstråhle Illustrator
Anna Mattson Ehrenstråhle Social Media Manager & PR
Felix Pettersson E-sportal Sales Manager
Claes Henriksson TPN / Kostministeriet Head of Communication
Louise Stierna TPN / Kostministeriet Brand Manager


Kostministeriet (The Ministry of Food) – an initiative from the fruit & greens company Total Produce Nordic – wants everyone to eat their daily fruit and greens and are working towards increasing the general levels of consumption of fruit and greens in Sweden. Levels of consumption are especially low in younger target groups and the daily recommended dose of 500 grams of fruits and greens per person is seldom reached. Our brief and challenge was to inspire a target audience totally uninterested in fruit and greens – young males between the ages of 15 and 25 – and make them curious and interested in fruit and veggies without sounding like nagging parents.

Describe the strategy

The general idea behind every activity of Kostministeriet (The Ministry of Food) is to draw attention to fruits and greens in a fun and entertaining way – because nagging about the nutrients of fruits and green is not an effective approach when talking to young people. In this campaign we decided to become part of a phenomenon that is especially important to the specific target group (males between 15 and 25) we were tasked with reaching. Online gaming is larger than ever, especially in the current lockdowns and quarantines, which is making people entertain themselves in their homes even more. We used this behavior to our advantage in the creative work while at the same time taking advantage of the fact that gamers are some of the most competitive people on the planet. Then we let the campaign loose in relevant channels where our target group spends their time.

Describe the execution

We teamed up with E-sportal – on of Sweden’s largest online e-gaming communities. Using their knowledge of e-gaming we bought gear considered exclusive by the gamers from the most popular online-games around. Then we priced them up using fruit and greens. The more exclusive the gear, the more unusual fruit and greens on the price tag. We informed the media of the upcoming activity using press releases and E-sportal highlighted the activity in all of their channels, making the campaign reach our target audience. Then we released the gear on the Facebook-page of Kostministeriet – a channel with an established and broad fanbase. One item of gear was released each day and the first one to post a video of themselves eating the specified price in the comments won that item of gear. During the campaign, the exclusivity of the posted gear increased, triggering the gamers

List the results

Number of exposures: Approx. 1 000 000 (1/10 of the population of Sweden) Interactions with the campaign: Approx. 11 000 Total reach of our target group: 62% Total reach in media: Approx. 500 000

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Our target audience, consisting of males in the ages between 15 and 25 are a difficult group to convince about anything, especially that they should eat more fruits and greens. They tend to tune out of arguments about nutrition and are skeptical about taking advice regarding most things. But they are however wildly passionate about some things. Like online gaming. In Sweden 62% of the population plays video games. And in the group of males between 16 and 34, a whopping 90 % is gamers. And these numbers are from before the pandemic lockdowns (which in all probability has made the numbers go up even more). We also know that gamers are extremely competitive and enjoy challenges in all shapes and sizes. Using these insights, we created an activity designed to attract our target group on their terms instead of ours to achieve our goal of increased fruit consumption.