Short List
Category B02. Web Service / App
Production APPFOUNDRY Kontich, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Manuel Ostyn Wunderman Thompson Creative Director
Nathalie Rabani Telenet Marketing Manager
Lisa Dewinter Telenet Marketing Manager
Isabelle Moens Telenet Marketing Manager
Marijke Vissers Telenet Marketing Manager
Fabienne Beckers Telenet Marketing Manager
Alexander Beckaert Telenet Marketing Manager
Bob Lepoutre Telenet Marketing Manager
Kasper Janssens Wunderman Thompson Creative
Arjen Tarras Wunderman Thompson Creative
Tomas Van Loon Wunderman Thompson Copywriter
Jérôme Van Den Broeck Wunderman Thompson Copywriter
Jo Van Grinderbeek Wunderman Thompson Designer
Sébastien Greffe Wunderman Thompson Designer
Inge Vanhees Wunderman Thompson Designer
Kenny Smet Wunderman Thompson Designer
Virginie Rosseel Wunderman Thompson Designer
Charlotte Slegers Wunderman Thompson Designer
Reginald Van de Velde Wunderman Thompson Designer
Nathalie Wlostowski Wunderman Thompson Designer
Irina Bogdan Wunderman Thompson Freelance
Ynje Degraeve Wunderman Thompson Designer
Jan-Bart Debruyne Wunderman Thompson DTP
Matthias Berghmans Wunderman Thompson Motion Designer
Bert Beckers Wunderman Thompson Motion Designer
Tom Vingerhoets Wunderman Thompson Strategy
Joyce Poelmans Wunderman Thompson Strategy
Michelle Defooz Wunderman Thompson Strategy
Erik De Rijdt Wunderman Thompson Strategy
Delphine Gillain Wunderman Thompson Account Manager
Charlotte Feremans Wunderman Thompson Account Manager
Sabrina Janssen Wunderman Thompson Account Manager
Femke Sermeus Wunderman Thompson Account Director
Olivier Verhellen Wunderman Thompson Social Creative
Pim Smeets Wunderman Thompson Social Creative
Robbin de Waij Wunderman Thompson Social Creative
Mike Dobbelaere Wunderman Thompson Social Creative
Dieneke Van Gerrewey Wunderman Thompson Social Creative
Ingeborg Van Hoof Wunderman Thompson Producer
Amélie Van Campen Wunderman Thompson Producer
Jonathan Kauffman Wunderman Thompson Producer
Aslican Aydin Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Stijn Janssens Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Jorg Meyer Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Jeroen Michiels Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Giele Cools Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Veerle Struyf Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Veerle Struyf Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Veerle Struyf Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Joren Van Hocht Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Lieven Eulaers Wunderman Thompson Digital Expert
Karel Van Gucht Wunderman Thompson Editor
Christophe Boost Freelance Editor
Menno Van Riet Wunderman Thompson Sound Engineer
Pieter Neirynck Wunderman Thompson Freelance


Telco providers are always looking for innovations to make their products faster, smarter and better. But all this innovative thinking isn’t always improving people’s lives. This is why Telenet took responsibility and launched TelenetGo. A cross platform ongoing program that helps people to only get the best out of technology and prevent the darker side. One of the bigger problems to be tackled was sextortion, a danger that comes with sexting. We didn’t want people to stop sexting as this has become a normal way of sexual expression between two people. But we had to find a way to make it safer and to educate people about its dangers. The objectives of the campaign were not sales related but purely image. Telenet wanted to be seen as a brand that truly understands its consumers and their digital way of living.

Describe the strategy

Sexting is done mainly by younger people, ranging from people in their early teens to mid twenties. As sexting, the sending of sexually explicit images to eachother has become a standard way of sexual expression Telenet didn’t want to prevent it from happening. Their is a dark side however: sextortion. This is when the reveiver of the images doesn’t keep them for themselves but spreads the private images. We decided to tackle this problem in two ways: on the one hand we made an app for young people to protect and educate them on the other hand we targeted parents with smart talks explaining what sexting and sextortion are.

Describe the execution

"We developed the .comdom app: an innovative mobile application to make sexting safer. After taking a sexy selfie, .comdom asks you to fill in the personal details of the receiver. A customised algorithm then creatively uses watermarking technology to turn this information into a personalized unique watermark that covers the entire image. The algorithm randomly varies the text in font, size, placement and filters used. Making it as good as impossible for the receiver to spread your picture without ruining their own reputation. During the process of making the picture and editing it the user receives more tips and tricks. "

List the results

- 45 million impressions - Number 4 in the app store. - 615k in earned media - Digital condom was even nominated for word of the year.