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Category E04. Real-time Response
Idea Creation WE ARE SOCIAL Milan, ITALY
Production BRW FILMLAND Milan, ITALY
Post Production BRW FILMLAND Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Alessandro Sciarpelletti We Are Social Executive Creative Director
Daniele Piazza We are social Executive Creative Production Director
Andrea Fumagalli We Are Social Associate Creative Director
Stefano Cucinotta We Are Social Associate Creative Director
Daria Paraboni We Are Social Senior Art Director
Laura Venuti We Are Social Senior Creative
Alice Martinucci We Are Social Art Director
Giuseppe Schiavone We Are Social Senior Editor
Sandro Amabili We Are Social Group Account Director
Luca Di Palma We Are Social Account Director
Ginevra Locatelli We Are Social Account Manager
Francesco Pierucci We Are Social Writer
Alessia Savino We Are Social Account Executive
Luca Orlando BRW Filmland Executive Producer
Beppe Tufarulo BRW Filmland Director


Barilla asked us to involve Federer, its historical testimonial, in a post lockdown campaign, to have good visibility and give a positive message to Italy and to the world. In April 2020, the viral video of two young Italian girls (Carola and Vittoria) playing tennis from their rooftops during Covid-19 lockdown became a universal symbol of passion and resilience. Carola and Vittoria are also major fans of Barilla’s brand ambassador Roger Federer.

Describe the strategy

Launch Hero video on Barilla global channels IG tv + YT + TW + FB. Posting on Roger Federer channels (RT of Barilla + video natively on IGTV + share in IG stories). Posting on ambassadors’ channels (Coco Gauff and ATP, both on TW and FB). Start ADV campaign on YT. Posting "Behind The Scenes" video.

Describe the execution

The candid camera was organized in Finale Ligure, right on the same rooftops on which the girls had played during the lockdown. Thanks to the complicity of their parents, the surprise was kept until the end, and their genuine reactions went famous all around the world. The full version of the video was published on July 31st on all Barilla channels, on Roger Federer channels and other ambassadors (Coco Gauff, ATP). On August 3rd the ADV campaign on YT with retargeting started. The next day we also posted a “Behind the scenes” on Instagram. The newspapers and news broadcasts around the world picked up the news in the following two months.

List the results

Total Reach: 1.6 Billion (1.612.335.840). Total Readership (print): 1.3 Million (1.361.905). Total Video Views: 35 Millions on all channels. 138k interactions. The campaign was extremely viral and well received worldwide, being perceived as a huge communication success and “the best commercial of 2020 so far”. The Rooftop Match campaign recorded a reach of ~65 Mln on social media, of which 45 Mln earned and a potential audience of 573 Mln, mostly driven by the great audience reception of the video, which was widely shared and commented on. In addition, the campaign generated a total 34 Mln video. The vast majority of comments had a positive sentiment (87%) with the campaign eliciting an emotional reaction in the audience. People praised the beautiful story shared by Barilla and the brand’s ability to make dreams come true. Main international news outlets explicitly mentioning the brand: 290.