Category B01. Websites / Microsites
Idea Creation HENRIK & SOFIA Västerås, SWEDEN
Idea Creation 2 GRANNY Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Henrik Leichsenring Henrik & Sofia Creative Director
Sofia Gillström Henrik & Sofia Creative Director
Philipp Dietrich Philipp Dietrich Copywriter
Michael Brake Michael Brake Copywriter
Vera Rothkirch Granny Social Media Creative
Celeste Acosta MediaMonks Head of Client
Dennis de Rooij MediaMonks Senior Project Manager
Vincent Mei MediaMonks Senior Animator
Rene Drieenhuizen MediaMonks Lead Frontend Developer
Ricco Arntz MediaMonks Frontend Developer
Reinder Nijhoff MediaMonks R&D Developer
Johan Holwerda MediaMonks Technical 3D Developer
Jurgen van Harskamp MediaMonks Music Composer
Sonja Kolley Netflix Digital Producer
Axel van Weel Netflix Creative Marketing
Markus Gerdemann Netflix Director, Creative Marketing


We developed an interactive guide for the acclaimed Netflix mystery series, DARK. The site gives viewers the opportunity to explore the who, what and whens of the show. We created a go-to place for fans to unravel the narrative as an insightful and entertaining extension to the show. Filtering by season and episode, fans have a unique way to explore the show’s characters, locations and events. We wanted to give the DARK community a platform to deep-dive into the story and understand how the characters are connected to one another through vast family trees. By integrating a spoiler filter that ensures you can only see the story up to the episode you’ve already watched, this platform is a useful tool for both already-involved fans as well as new audiences. With this amazing website, you discover how everything is the same, but also different in DARK.

Describe the strategy

This interactive guide was built for everyone interested in learning more about the characters and concepts in the Netflix series DARK, as well as to lead the audience through the happenings of the series. Fans of the show can re-discover key events, while new audiences can use the site to understand the fundamentals of the story and build up their knowledge. We included a spoiler filter to ensure that users only see information up to the episode that they have already watched. We made the guide visually appealing by using animations and suitable typography to immerse the audience in the story. As a bonus, we left behind easter eggs to be discovered, revealing extra content that isn’t depicted in the show. Most importantly, we focused on making the interactive guide as user-friendly as possible by integrating timelines that visualise key events and time travels in a linear narrative.

Describe the execution

To guarantee a great experience for everyone that visits the interactive guide, we implemented a spoiler filter that ensures users can experience the events of DARK at their own pace. We introduced an episode guide that gives quick access to the most important information—users can browse through every single episode of the series through timelines visualising time travels and important events. Since DARK revolves around three different worlds, we included corresponding logos in the guide to indicate which world the user is in while exploring the website. Linked to the detailed family tree, we created separate character pages for users to discover more about their favorite characters and how they evolve throughout the series. Overall, the implementation was a great success with users from all over the world exploring the interactive guide and finding hidden easter eggs that add more excitement to the overall storyline.

List the results

The interactive guide for Netflix’s show DARK has received positive feedback from all over the DARK community. We have not only created a super helpful and visually appealing website, but we were also able to simplify the story of the Netflix series and make the website accessible for all different audiences, from newcomers to the series to long-time fans.